Case Study: Innodisk and AdvanPOS Partner for POS Processing Prowess

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One of the most crucial elements of any POS setup is the data storage and processing system. Unfortunately, though these parts are critically important, in the past they have also been prone to failure. The advent of new solid state drive (SSD) technology is making more traditional, bulky, and vulnerable hard disk drives a thing of the past.

Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of commercial- and industrial-grade SSDs, has developed its EverGreen-series MLC SSDs with L² architecture specifically for the small-footprint POS setup. Because the EverGreen-series MLC SSDs are especially hardy at a range of temperatures and contain no moving parts, they are perfect for high-traffic environments like supermarket self-scanning stations and high-volume hospitality locations.

Taiwan-based POS company AdvanPOS is global provider of complete POS systems for the retail, hospitality, and food service industries. Let’s look at AdvanPOS’s adoption of Innodisk’s new SSDs for their POS platform.

The Challenge

AdvanPOS faced a rising demand for POS systems hardy enough to withstand exposure to the elements without needing complicated repairs in hard-to-reach places. As a provider of POS for gas stations and outdoor restaurants, AdvanPOS needed a solution to its POS data storage and processing problem that would require little to no maintenance downtime. Fussier drives require regular defragging and downtime, making them the wrong choice for AdvanPOS’ needs.

The Solution

AdvanPOS chose Innodisk EverGreen SSDs for their many advantages over bulkier, less fail-safe traditional hard disk drives. In addition to their durability, efficiency, and improved performance, Innodisk’s SDDs had competitive prices that made them a wise bet for AdvanPOS’ needs. Innodisk’s EverGreen SSD with L² Wear Leveling Architecture also improves the random data transfer rate and overall SSD lifespan. EverGreen SSD

In an effort to tailor their POS solution to their clients’ needs for durable, weather-ready SSD technology, AdvanPOS also selected Innodisk’s SSDs because they operate successfully in environments ranging in temperature from -40°C up to 85°C. Innodisk’s SSDs do not require defragging downtime and boast rapid read/write speeds in order to minimize POS slowdown during maintenance.

The Result

According to AdvanPOS’ R&D supervisor Alcott Huang, “Hard drive failure has always been the biggest reason for product malfunctions, [but we now have] Innodisk EverGreen SSDs, which have more long life, nearly 3 times [that] of a traditional hard drive… our clients are happier too, as their systems now last longer.”

In addition to the many benefits of SSD technology offered by the Innodisk solution, it also includes a proprietary disk monitoring software platform called iSMART. Designed to help businesses avoid unexpected and extremely disruptive POS hard drive failure, iSMART allows AdvanPOS and its customers to detect disk problems and errors long before they cause complete failure. This allows users time to replace a problematic SSD before customers are inconvenienced and time and money are lost. AdvanPOS’s Huang reports, “The number one reason why we use Innodisk EverGreen SSDs is that the SSDs let our customers know when they will fail. It has saved our customers and us numerous headaches.”

It is clear that AdvanPOS selected Innodisk and its industrial-grade EverGreen SSDs for their many benefits over traditional hard disk drives. For AdvanPOS, a large POS provider with clients in multiple international markets, the SSD difference means offering its customers – end users – the ability to run their businesses with minimal interruption from POS disk drive failure.

About AdvanPOS

AdvanPOS designs and manufactures advanced POS systems that satisfy modern retail and hospitality applications. Combining industrial talents and leading PC technologies, AdvanPOS offers a full range of self-service and point of service (POS) systems that feature faster operation, easier maintenance, customer-friendly displays, and outstanding designs for the most demanding POS, kiosk, ATM, retail, and other self-service applications. To learn more about the benefits of Innodisk’s SSD storage products, and how they are helping POS vendors and end users, please visit

About Innodisk

Innodisk is a designer, manufacturer and solution provider of industrial flash storage products as well as DRAM for embedded systems, with a focus on industrial, aerospace and defense applications. Using its wealth of experience in providing flash storage products for embedded systems, Innodisk, since 2012 has expanded its product line to cater to the field of cloud computing. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with engineering support and sales teams in China, Europe, Japan, and the United States, Innodisk is able to support clients globally. With abundant experience and an unrivaled knowledge of the storage industry, Innodisk develops products with excellent quality, remarkable performance, great cost-efficiency, and the highest reliability. For more information about Innodisk, please visit

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