Case Study: POS Software Vendor Solves EMV Issue With SDK

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Article by Scott Blum, Vice President, Total Merchant Services

Like many other industries, the payments processing industry is rapidly changing.   The EMV mandate requires that businesses accept EMV chip card payments or face liability for counterfeit credit card fraud. Businesses that accept payments with either a standalone payment terminal or via a payment device integrated with a software application must upgrade, or face liability and miss out on new payment types. In addition, data breaches are growing, creating a continued need for PCI compliance.

Not only does the EMV mandate create a change for the businesses that accept payments, but it also has significant implications for software and app developers that provide point of sale solutions. Integrating a compliant EMV payment device with a software application can be a long and expensive undertaking due to stringent EMV and PCI requirements. Today, payment acceptors and the software developers that serve them are seeking a more flexible and simple approach to streamline the process.

Eyefinity, a leading provider of software for optometrists and eye care professionals, needed an integrated payment solution to works with AcuityLogic, a cloud based practice management system. AcuityLogic helps optometrists process insurance payments and claims, link exam codes to maximize reimbursement rates, and accept and track payment from customers.  Large multi-location optometrists, such as Pearl Vision and My Eye Doctor, use AcuityLogic to manage their business.  Eyefinity needed the following for their eye care professionals and their software:

  • *  Enable EMV Chip card acceptance and NFC acceptance
  • *  Keep EMV and PCI “out of scope” of the Acuity Logic software
  • *  Work with a variety of browsers and software languages
  • *  Quick implementation for both developers and they eye care professionals
  • *  Affordable rates and affordable equipment

Eyefinity turned to Total Merchant Services and used the Groovv SDK to meet their needs.  Total Merchant Services has developed an innovative solution that routes sensitive cardholder data directly to the payment infrastructure and non-sensitive customer information to the the software application. Sensitive card data is encrypted and routed directly to the payment host or gateway, thereby keeping EMV and PCI “out of scope.” The semi-integrated environment ensures that all of these systems work together seamlessly, while isolating, securing, and streamlining the path of sensitive cardholder data.

The Groovv SDK had to be easy to implement for the Eyefinity and AcuityLogic development team.  AcuityLogic required the C Sharp language, and had to work with multiple operating systems and browsers.  In addition, it had to be fast and easy for Eyefinity developers to implement.  Eyefinity was able to code and test the integration is less than a week.

With the integration complete, set up at eye care professional workstations needed to be fast and easy.  First, the solution had to be compatible with several versions of the Windows operating system.  In addition, because AcuityLogic is a cloud based software, multiple browsers needed to be supported, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.  In addition, the system had to work with various security and anti-virus software and setting on the local workstation.  And the installation had to be fast, completed in under ten minutes.  Lastly, installations had to support multiple workstations and payment processing solutions. groov SDK flow

Total Merchant Services created an automated installer that scanned the workstation environment that instantly determined issues related to the eye care professional’s environment and recommended required changes and improvements.  The scan and remediation process enabled the environment to be set up for installation in minutes.  Installations were also handled remotely and in many cases with limited assistance from Total Merchant Services staff. 

In addition to providing an EMV and PCI compliant solution, the integrated solution provides eye care professionals with several other benefits. First, the integrated process is easy and saves them time, as double data entry from the software to the terminal is no longer required.  In addition, the eye care professional saves money because Total provides them with a free EMV Terminal and savings on their processing fees. 

“Since it places PCI and EMV compliance out of scope, Groovv SDK saved us time and money that would have been required to integrate payments with our software,” said Adam Thomas, Manager of certified partners for Eyefinity. “Groovv SDK is easy to implement, and now our optometrists have a fully compliant, affordable payment solution that seamlessly integrates with their payment workflow, eliminating double data entry and saving them time.”  

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About the author

Scott Blum leads Marketing, Business Development, and Integrated Payments for Total Merchant Services.  Scott has served in a variety of executive leadership roles for financial technology companies, including Chief Marketing Officer for CAN Capital and Director of Marketing and Global Payments for Intuit.  Scott was also a management consultant for Deloitte Consulting.  Scott has an undergraduate degree from UCLA and an MBA from the Wharton School.  Learn more about the Groov SDK for EMV here.


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