Cashier Live Launches Web-Based Pharmacy Point of Sale

Cashier Live, the leader in web-based point of sale, has launched a variety of features specifically geared towards the independent pharmacy market today. This marks the entrance of low cost, subscription based point of sale software to a market with traditionally high prices.

Cashier Live has also announced their certification with the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS), the first for a SaaS point of sale. With their SIGIS certification, Cashier Live can help independent pharmacies accept nearly all flexible spending account (FSA) cards in use today. “Independent pharmacies constantly have to comply with new government regulations. In the case of the IRS guidelines affecting FSA cards, it has previously cost pharmacies an average of $10,000 to comply. With Cashier Live, we can now offer pharmacies a solution that costs only $49 per month” said Thomas Greenhaw, co-founder of Cashier Live.

Cashier Live has also worked with their pharmacy customers to build an impressive array of wholesalers and suppliers that are supported by their software. Specialty suppliers like Ganz, Hallmark, and Ty are supported, as are pharmaceutical wholesalers Amerisource-Bergen, Cardinal, and McKesson. “We’ve helped our pharmacy customers save countless hours by importing their wholesalers’ inventory files into the system and by sending purchase orders electronically,” said Greenhaw. “We want to make it as easy as possible for pharmacies to take advantage of real time reporting and simplified accounting, and working with their wholesalers is a key element.”

Prior to their public launch of these pharmacy specific features, Cashier Live had been working with a number of independent pharmacies successfully. Dennis Haight from Dean Pharmacy, Cashier Live’s first pharmacy customer, was impressed with the new pharmacy offering. “Initially when Dean was looking at a POS solution, our primary focus was how we were going to handle FSA cards. The Cashier Live solution is able to do that for us, and our customers now know that when they come to our pharmacy their FSA cards will be accepted” said Dennis. When asked about the cost savings he had by going with Cashier Live, Dennis said that it made great fiscal sense to use a web-based solution. “We compared the price against other POS vendors” Dennis noted, “and we’re saving thousands.”

Cashier Live has a step by step guide on how to accept FSA cards on their website, which you can access HERE. Also offered is a 30-day free trial, which you can start instantly by signing up from their website as well.

About Cashier Live

Cashier Live has been focused on providing a low cost alternative to traditional Point of Sale software since 2009. By taking advantage of web technology, Cashier Live can provide point of sale software direct to retailers at a fraction of a cost of traditional software. A key benefit of using a Cashier Live is that it can help you run your store more efficiently. From conducting transactions to managing your inventory, Cashier Live gives you the tools to decrease costs and increase sales. When you know what products you have, how many are in stock, and which ones are selling then you can reduce loss and make informed decisions on what products you should be ordering. Cashier Live provides all these benefits and more. For more information about Cashier Live’s web based point of sale, please visit our website at