Celerant Announces Out-of-the-Box System to Manage Store & Range

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y, — Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail, range and E-Commerce solutions is proud to announce the completion of Celerant’s extended integration with Sports South. Celerant has partnered with Sports South to provide a pre-loaded retail system so dealers can be selling products in no time and with no up-front fees. Cumulus Retail, by Celerant Technology, designed to be the entry system for its more advanced, Stratus Retail, can come as a turn-key solution with a pre-populated database. With one easy-to-use system, FFL retailers can manage store operations, range and membership management, and integrated E-Commerce enabling online range reservations.

“Over the years we have discovered two major hurdles that firearm dealers face when converting retail platforms- limited budget and difficulty with data for both in-store and online,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant’s CEO & President. “With Cumulus Retail, we bring the market an affordable version of our advanced, enterprise system- Stratus Retail. Now with Sports South, we provide dealers with an out-of-the-box system fully loaded with the Sports South catalog so they can simply choose what they want to sell- and start selling in no time. With our iCumulus E-Commerce, we pull Sports South product descriptions, 360-degree images, and live available inventory levels which can be displayed on the dealers’ website.”

Cumulus Retail can come pre-configured with Sports South’s products, descriptions and 360-degree images; the dealers select the products they want to carry and their Cumulus Retail system is ready-to-go. If the merchant wants to add E-Commerce, through iCumulus, products can simply be added to their website with a few clicks. Any product which Sports South carries can be sold on the merchant’s website, without having to stock the merchandise, by displaying Sports South’s available inventory levels on the merchant’s website. Through Cumulus’ vendor integrations, Sports South can drop ship all qualifying orders directly to merchant’s customers- all with little to no effort of the retailer.

“The partnership between Sports South and Celerant should prove to be a winning combination,” said Ronnie Whitten, VP of Sales and Marketing of Sports South, “by providing the retailer with a simplistic and comprehensive turn-key retail/E-Commerce system that is preloaded with over thirty-five thousand hunting and shooting products.”

For more information on the new Cumulus Retail system pre-loaded with the Sports South database, visit: www.celerant.com/cumulus-retail-system/sports-south.

Celerant Technology

Celerant Technology is a retail technology provider offering unparalleled and seamless multi-channel integration to retailers across all industries. Since 1999, Celerant has consistently accelerated business growth and efficiency through unique innovations such as: POS, inventory management, advanced analytics, integrated E-Commerce, mobile applications and back office – to name a few. With an open and collaborative environment, the company focuses on each retailer’s specific integration needs to form genuine, enduring partnerships. Celerant supports firearms merchants with functionality to address their unique needs: E 4473 and Smartwaiver integrations, electronic A&D book, range management, vendor integrations, and Gunbroker.com integration. Celerant is a preferred vendor of National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and National Rifle Association (NRA).

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