Celerant Technology Simplifies ATF Compliance for Barneys Police Supply


Mistakes in retail record keeping can cost valuable marketing data, customer satisfaction, and lost sales — but they generally aren’t illegal.  Unless you sell guns.  Firearms retailers are mandated to keep detailed records of all sales, and these laws can be enforced at any time by surprise visits from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).  A retailer that fails to provide requested information on demand for firearm serial numbers, buyer information, and time of transaction can face federal penalties including fines, loss of license, and expensive litigation. 

Barneys Police Supply sells firearms, ammunition, and tactical supplies to police departments and civilian gun enthusiasts.  With several locations throughout the southeastern United States, Barneys must keep track of thousands of sales and customers each year.  Like many firearms retailers, Barneys updated its database to use electronic records instead of the legacy handwritten ATF “Bound Book,” but digital databases are not immune from data entry mistakes.  barneys-large

“To maintain our records, we had to do a lot of manual importing and exporting of data between the POS, inventory, and reporting programs,” says Charles Boudreaux, who manages inventory control and software services for Barneys.  “This was not only inefficient, it opened too much opportunity for error.”  

That’s why Barneys turned to Celerant Technology to implement its turnkey POS and firearm sale tracking solution developed specifically for the unique needs of firearms retailers, Celerant Command Retail.  Now, Barneys only has to enter customer information once, after conducting background checks via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  The single entry of information into the Celerant POS system, replaces the need to manually enter the information again into a separate firearms transaction tracking program.

“Now, when we get a call from an ATF agent who’s conducting a trace on a firearm’s serial number, the agent already knows when the gun was shipped to us and where it was received,” says Boudreaux.  “Celerant guides us to the rest of the detail — whether we transferred the firearm or sold it, when , and to whom — which in turn allows us to demonstrate compliance with firearms transaction protocols such as mandatory background checks.”

barneys2Random ATF visits and inquiries, once a source of time consuming and stressful information chasing, can now often be resolved with a few mouse clicks.  With the power of Celerant Command behind it, the team at Barneys is free to service its customers and the products it sells without worrying about how many hours of time a surprise ATF visit could consume.

Scalable to keep up with growth in customers and product offerings, sales records and firearm serial numbers remain immediately accessible regardless of how large the database becomes.  Celerant Command also incorporates local regulations into its processes, so each Barneys location throughout the southeast remains in compliance with both federal mandates and any applicable state or municipal laws.

With the new Stratus Retail platform that was recently unveiled from Celerant, firearm retailers are now able to access all records remotely from any internet enabled device, ensuring full compliance anytime from anywhere, depending on hardware and security protocols.  They can also use the software to schedule classes for customers and reserve time for them on gun ranges, blending ATF compliance with robust customer engagement tools.  

Celerant Command Retail is a real-time management system that integrates all channels of a retail enterprise, including POS, warehouse, inventory
management, sales back office, mail order/catalog and e-commerce.  Celerant’s custom, sophisticated websites expertly manage and market
inventory, directly from your Command Retail system, eliminating the need to re-enter data, including product descriptions, customer
information and online orders. – See more at: www.Celerant.com.

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