Charge Capture for Physicians


Medical Design Technologies (MDTech), a leader in charge capture software for physicians, now offers a mobile charge capture app for the iPad and Android devices. The MD Coder application, used by thousands of physicians nationwide, previously only worked with Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone and web browsers.

The MD Coder handheld coding solution is helping physicians and enterprise-level medical facilities across the country save valuable time and resources, increase revenue, and reduce lost charges as well as chances for an audit, says Susman. Healthcare organizations can lose millions of dollars annually due to incomplete charge capture and incorrectly transferred data.

“We’re pleased to offer the MD Coder charge capture solution to physicians using iPads and Android mobile devices,” says Aron Susman, Vice President of Finance and Business Development at MDTech. “The iPads are ideal for capturing charges at the point of care in hospitals and other medical facilities. And many physicians wanted to use the MD Coder on their Android phones. Now they can.”

“A West Coast cardiology practice reported a $39,000 increase in monthly revenue after implementing MD Coder for its five physicians,” he says. “That’s a significant increase in revenue, in addition to the time it saves.”

MD Coder is a robust, subscription-based medical software solution that improves the charge capture process, making it fast, easy and accurate. It’s flexible and customizable, adaptable to any workflow, and can be used from anywhere at any time.

MDTech offers affordable solutions for physician charge capture as well as enterprise level hospital charge capture. In addition to charge capture at the point of care, MD Coder brings more efficiency to scheduling, billing and other administrative tasks.

MDTech is currently offering a free 30 day trial so physicians can see what a difference MD Coder makes. To learn more, visit MDTech’s new website at


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