China VMF 2018 Press Conference: A Glance at the Upcoming Show

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This mid-October in Guangzhou, The 4th Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association Summit Forum & China VMF 2018 Press Conference gathered up to 400 industry leaders at home and abroad from 250 renowned enterprises, trade associations, professional media, government apartments, etc, to together delve into the future development of global vending industry and wish China VMF 2018 a great success!

Experts Made Encouraging Predication About China’s Vending Market

China’s budding vending market was the most-talked-of topic during the conference. To prove what a promising land China is for vending, the organizing committee cited data from a vending industry report of Kantar which forecast that by 2020 the installed base of vending machines in China would reach 1.38 million, increased by eight folds compared with 2015. img1

Much rosy predication was made about Chinese market. For instance, during the media interview session, Mr. Yu enze, President of Asia Pacific Vending Industry Association (APVA) commented that the integration between mobile payment and vending machines is an irresistible trend; within the next 3-5 years, vending machines would be seen in more buying scenarios such as cinemas, apartment buildings, etc; and a richer variety of vending items including daily supplies, OTC drugs, stationary, etc, could soon be realized.

Industry Leaders Showing Supports to China VMF 2018

The fact that China VMF was able to put together such an impressive lineup of expert speakers for its new conference once again demonstrates what an influential trade platform it is favored by worldwide insiders! Altogether there were 20 experts from Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Mainland China, who shared with us their brilliant opinions through presentations and panel discussions which have helped spark many new ideas for present audience.

Partial Speakers:




Speech Topics

Lim Yue Tong

International Refreshment Machines Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

General Manager

Southeast Asia Vending Business Development

Christian Kazamias

cc2GO Technology Research



How To Prepare For Overseas Vending Markets

Kenyichi Ashida

A·M (Japan)


The Charm of Paper Cup Coffee Machine:A Lucrative Business Model of Coffee Vending Machine

Wataru Taguchi

 Kantou Branch of San-Ai (Japan)

Head of Branch Office

Tian Xingyin

Hongchi Intelligent


Investment Opportunities in New Retail

Gu Yongquan



The Beauty of Intelligent Vending

Ji Xiaochang

China UnionPay

General Manager

Persistence & Innovation:Payment Solution for New Retail

Luo Mingju

Zhonggu Group


Vending Machine:the Star of Self-Serve

Feng Yongjun


General Manager

 Value-added Services of Vending Machine

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  img 4










 A Preview of the China VMF’s Highlights


On behalf of the organizing committee, Project Manager Ms. Zhao Huazhen introduced the latest development and highlights of China VMF 2018, which made the climax of the news conference.

The highlights and updates of China VMF 2018 can be concluded as follows:


  • An Estimated 300+ Leading Brands: so far, dozens of old and new esteemed exhibitors have reserved or confirmed their booths, such as TKB, CPI, Fuji Electric, Easy Touch, UBox, Joie Ubique, HOLO go, Dongji, Convenisun, Hongchi Intelligent, Yinhai Star, Zhouyi, Yo!Point, etc.
  • Expanded Exhibition Scope: to present a more comprehensive industry chain to visitors, gift vending machine will be newly added to the exhibit range, and payment system and mobile payment will also be a new focus for the show.
  • Eye-catching Concurrent Activities: greater networking opportunities will be engendered by a series of on-site activities such as APVA Vending Industry Summit, New Retail Forum, New Product Release, Cocktail Party, etc.
  • Global Promotion: so far China VMF has established partnership with over 70 worldwide professional media and associations, such as Australian Vending Association (AVA), Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMA), The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), etc.


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