Chuck E. Cheese’s partners with Semnox to implement RFID technology for games

DALLAS, Aug. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Chuck E. Cheese’s has partnered with Semnox Solutions, a leading, cashless solutions provider for the Leisure, Amusement and Entertainment Industry, to install its premier RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system in all stores to replace tokens. Together, they have recently completed installing the wireless system at over 100 Chuck E. Cheese’s locations nationwide.

Chuck E. Cheese’s guests have enthusiastically accepted the new system as a replacement to tokens in these locations.  The card system has provided Chuck E. Cheese’s customers with an enhanced experience that is clean, easy to use, and gives parents new functionality.  With the new ability to register play cards, parents can keep track of their point totals and recover the points if the cards are lost. 


The latest EDGE readers can be programmed specifically for time of day-based games or for promotions such as Chuck E. Cheese’s current “Half Price Tuesday” when game prices automatically reduce every Tuesday. The tap-to-play wireless readers also allow guests to tap their card to the reader activating games quickly and eliminating the confusion of multiple card swipes.

Customizable self-service kiosks are also being added to store locations. Features of the kiosk include:

  • 22″ Touch Screen Display
  • Bilingual capability and easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Currency and token acceptors
  • Credit card integration
  • New game card issue and recharges
  • Guest registration setup

Each location has a store management console that allows managers to perform special transactions such as loading credits or viewing real-time operations reports.

Additionally, all of the Chuck E. Cheese’s stores are linked together with Semnox’s Cloud-based solution, which allows centralized, corporate management of all the stores and their operations. This system offers a powerful card roaming feature that lets customers use a single card at multiple locations, further improving the guest experience. The cloud-based system also has a comprehensive set of business intelligence and analytic tools built in and designed to deliver an entirely new experience for visually analyzing sales data across all locations simultaneously.

“With Semnox’s cashless system in place, we are now able to increase customer satisfaction and develop a more efficient process,” said Tom Leverton, CEO of CEC Entertainment. “With the online business intelligence and analytical reports through Semnox’s Cloud-based offering, we get a better understanding of our customers’ spending habits and are able to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.”

“Utilizing Semnox’s innovative technology in our stores is making the Chuck E. Cheese’s experience more enjoyable,” said Mahesh Sadarangani, SVP of Strategic Initiatives at CEC Entertainment. “We are very satisfied with the installation rollout.”

“We are beyond grateful about the milestone achieved and our newest customer, Chuck E. Cheese’s,” said Iqbal Mohammad, Managing Director of Semnox. “Since our U.S. first installation, we have persistently focused on offering an integrated solution coupled with the best customer service while listening to clients and continually updating our offering to this industry.”

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