Combatting the Mobile-Enabled Shopper with Mobile POS


Mobile Point of Sale Enhances Customer Service.

Mobile-enabled shoppers are changing the retail landscape. The smartphone arms consumers with information that used to require a store associate to learn; they are conducting product research and price comparison and in many cases purchasing products for cheaper online from inside a store where they were shopping for that same product. Store associates now serve customers that may know more about the particular products offered inside the store than they do.

While the mobile revolution may seem scary to retailers, it also opens up new opportunities for them. Starmount president and CTO Jerry Rightmer will explore these possibilities today at the 2011 IBM Retail User Group Conference in Orlando. Rightmer’s session, “Moving Beyond Transactions to Interactions with Mobile Solutions,” will focus on how retailers can move beyond mobile POS to empower stores associates with richer information and deliver a more personal shopping experience inside the store.

“Mobile solutions can extend the reach of a retailer’s selling tools beyond the cash wrap, or the web, freeing sales associates to interact with the shopper where purchase decisions are being made – on the sales floor,” said Rightmer. “Retailers can use mobile technologies to level the playing field with consumers, enabling store associates to check inventory, look up product reviews, offer alternatives to out-of-stock items, and interact with customers in new and relevant ways. I look forward to exploring this in detail at next week’s IBM Retail User Group Conference.”

Starmount’s mobile selling assistant, Engage™, serves as a tool to allow retailers to alter the way they interact with customers, from point-of-interest to point-of-sale. Engage provides store associates with full transaction capabilities so they can assist customers without leaving their side. The Starmount solution enables store associates to do more through richer customer interactions and service, targeted cross-sell and up-sell of products, and efficient store operations to reduce long wait times and lines.

Engage includes full functionality of a fixed-base point-of-sale system as well as integration with in-store databases. By extending point-of-sale beyond the fixed base register, the mobile POS system delivers an easy-to-use interface that improves personalized service, enables store associates to easily capture customer data, tender transactions anywhere on the store floor, reduce long lines, accelerate check-out, and more easily up-sell at the point-of-decision.

The only logical way for retailers to combat the mobile-shopping revolution is to use it to their advantage, adopting this technology into their own operations and leveraging it for better customer service.

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