Companies Rush to Adopt B2B eCommerce and Sales Rep Technology to Unlock Competitive Edge

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B2B companies develop mobile and eCommerce experiences to grow business

Creating an omnichannel, consumer-like customer experience is a key goal for manufacturers and distributors in the next year. When asked what commerce technologies were a priority for their businesses, 63% cited web B2B eCommerce software for online customer ordering, 58% highlighted mobile order writing software for sales reps in the field, and 30% said Mobile B2B eCommerce that would allow customers to place orders from a mobile device.

As the B2C world continues to raise the bar with conveniences like online ordering and mobile access, similar expectations are seeping into the world of B2B Commerce. Among respondents that have already invested in B2B eCommerce, 79% reported that their customers asked for the ability to order online.

Manufacturers and distributors are recognizing the immediate necessity for investments in B2B eCommerce with 50% reporting that they plan to implement solutions within the next twelve months, and 20% within six months.  This is on top of the 44% of respondents that already had a B2B eCommerce web portal in place. The expectation of 24/7 online ordering will only become more common among buyers as more companies provide the option.

Suppliers that have already responded to their customers’ requests for convenient online ordering are seeing a return on their investment. Among respondents that have already implemented B2B eCommerce, 50% noticed customers ordering additional products across more categories and 34% have seen an increase in average order value. By delivering an easier way to do business, manufacturers and distributors are able to drive more sales.

Empowered by technology, sales reps continue to play a critical role   
Despite the investment in self-service, online customer ordering, manufacturers and distributors reported that B2B eCommerce technology is not replacing sales representatives, but helping them provide more strategic value to customers. When asked about the value of sales reps, 75% of respondents cited the in-person sales channel as essential to their business. For those companies that have deployed B2B eCommerce, 84% reported that the size of their sales team had stayed the same or grown larger and 44% of these respondents stated that while customers preferred to order online they still wanted the option to order through sales reps.

“Relationships are the foundation of B2B selling. Advances in technology are providing manufacturers and distributors with the opportunity to get more value from the relationships sales reps have with customers and help drive the business forward,” said Coates. “Those suppliers that are listening to customers and implementing mobile and web B2B eCommerce to complement their sales reps are getting a head start on the competition.”

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Survey Methodology
There were 450 respondents from companies self-designated as manufactures and/or wholesale distributors across over a dozen industries, including food & beverage, sporting goods, industrial manufacturing, medical instruments, accessories, apparel, beauty & cosmetics, and gift & homewares. Respondents included leaders within their respective organizations (with C-level leaders at 19%, VP-level leaders at 8%, and Director-level leaders at 14%), as well as, managers and individual contributors in Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service and IT.

About Handshake
Founded in 2010, Handshake provides the B2B Commerce platform that helps manufacturers and distributors grow their business by making it easy for their customers to order the right products from them, in-person and online. Handshake Rep is a mobile sales order entry app that allows sales reps to write orders faster and gives them the product and customer information they need to have more strategic customer conversations. Handshake Direct is an omnichannel B2B eCommerce solution that complements field sales reps by giving buyers the convenience of 24×7 ordering and product education through a custom B2B eCommerce portal and B2B mobile commerce app. For more information, visit

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