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Montavo, Inc., a company that claims the ability to track, in real-time, in-store ROI from mobile advertising, has completed and submitted an application for patent protection of its proprietary “System and Method of Delivering Ads.” This filing occurs in anticipation of the product’s launch, slated for later this year.

Montavo states that their mobile advertising platform offers advertisers the ability to review a “mobile ad spend vs. gross profit” ratio which generates an ROI report of their mobile advertising costs related back to their brick-and-mortar location consumer sales.

The U.S. and international patent applications are based on the technology behind the proprietary Montavo Mobile Advertising Platform (mMAP). There are specific proprietary components and integration technologies required to confirm in-store sales that are attributable to mobile advertisements that are delivered to consumers which is a key differentiator of the Montavo platform.

Montavo anticipates releasing the Montavo Mobile Ad Spend Speedometer™, a real-time online dashboard reporting tool that allows advertisers to monitor the ROI performance metrics from mobile advertising campaigns that are deployed on the mMAP, to advertisers (both retailers as well as manufacturers from national brands to SMBs) in Q2 2010 when Rev. 3.0 of mDealFinder™ is made publicly available.

The mMAP patent pending technology is unique to Montavo because the ROI measurements that are presented to advertisers are based on physical in-store purchases that result from both push and pull advertisements viewed by consumers on their mobile phones. The mMAP does not require any additional hardware or software in the store or POS system, and no additional interaction is needed between store associates and consumers or their mobile phones.

“Continuing to pursue intellectual property protections for Montavo’s proprietary technology is a high priority,” said Brook Lang, CEO of Montavo. “As we prepare to launch the Montavo Mobile Ad Spend Speedometer™ and other advertiser focused tools in both domestic and international geographies, it is imperative that we continue to aggressively protect our proprietary platform, technologies, ad delivery methods and ROI performance metric system,” said Lang.

“Montavo’s ability to capture, measure, and report physical in-store purchases that are attributable to mobile advertising campaigns provides meaningful value to consumers and advertisers alike. We’re optimistic that our tool set will help advertisers that understand the importance of utilizing technology to measure the returns generated on dollars spent on mobile advertising campaigns,” concluded Lang.

If Montavo delivers what they are promising, this could mean big changes in mobile advertising; one of the key barriers to entry for retailers today being the inability to accurately track ROI from mobile advertising. However, as retailers become more comfortable with the technologies and new applications for them we are likely to see a sharp upswing in the use of mobile advertising, as evidenced already by contenders like Calvin Klein and the Gap breaking into the mobile ad market with the use of QR codes.

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