Compelling Point-of-Sale Displays From Schafer Solutions

Point-of-Sale Display

A compelling point-of-sale display can drastically increase revenue

Schafer Solutions Inc. is a comprehensive resource for the development, manufacturing and delivery of compelling plastic products for point-of-sale, food, beverage and other applications requiring high quality, turn‐key solutions.

“Whether we’re using your design, your client’s design, collaborating to enhance a current display product, or starting fresh, Schafer Solutions will help you create dazzling, brand-building point-of-sale displays,” says Bud Karachiwala, Schafer Solutions Business Manager. “From concept through design, engineering and quick-turn prototyping — we deliver on timelines that will compress your client’s speed to market.”

Complete production capabilities, with ideal order quantities from hundreds to tens of thousands, include CNC machining for a wide array of plastic, wood and composite materials, thermoforming, routing, jointing, edge finishing and polishing. In-house painting, silk screening and pad printing allow customization while better communicating the brand.

“When your product requires more than fabricated plastic,” Karachiwala says, “Schafer Solutions can accomplish your product build-out, adding our plastic components and completing the build.” Display pack-out, warehousing, shipment and fulfillment services eliminate logistic worries.

Schafer Solutions’ sister company, Schafer Systems, is considered the leader in innovative point-of-sale products for the U.S. lottery industry, including quality lottery ticket dispensers and play centers. Both companies operate out of a 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Adair, Iowa.

According to Don Hudak, President & CEO of Owner Revolution, “Schafer Systems’ twenty‐four‐year tradition of quality and innovation is now being extended to non‐lottery plastic products with Schafer Solutions.”

Schafer Solutions is well positioned to meet the custom needs of its customers for exciting, high quality and socially responsible plastic products,” Karachiwala said. “We work aggressively to minimize plastic waste, encourage active recycling, and promote the use of sustainable materials where environmentally friendly alternatives are appropriate and economically available.”

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