CompuCom Unveils the ‘Self Healing Store’ to Help Retailers Beat Technology Downtime

NEW YORK–()–CompuCom Systems, Inc. (“CompuCom®”), a leading provider of managed digital workplace services, today introduced its Self Healing Store™ for retailers.

Traditional retail technology support services remain complex, requiring end-user intervention at every stage. And in retail, where there is accelerated adoption of new technologies such as tablets, mobile Point-of-Sale (POS), digital signage, beacons and Internet of Things (IoT), the potential points of business failure are greatly increased.

The Self Healing Store, powered by CompuCom, is built with a customer experience focus. An automated service that keeps store technology up and running by monitoring device performance in real time, the Self Healing Store automatically detects and resolves issues, outages and failures. Predictive and proactive, it fixes issues before they impact employees or disrupt business, taking issue resolution from hours – or even days – down to minutes, saving significant time and money.

“CompuCom’s primary goal is always to improve the customer experience,” noted CompuCom Chief Product Officer Ken Jackowitz. “We work with seven of the top 10 U.S. retailers, so we understand their pain points and how to resolve them. The Self Healing Store accomplishes this like nothing before, preventing technology from becoming a roadblock on the customer’s path to conversion and empowering store associates to focus on what matters most: the customer’s experience.”

The Self Healing Store addresses key issues, including:

  • Device Failure – The Self Healing Store automates initial troubleshooting, greatly speeding up the process. For example, a POS application can rapidly be reset remotely, addressing a common incident for stores. In many cases, issues can be resolved with no human intervention.
  • Network Connectivity – When the system detects a loss of connectivity, it instantly diagnoses the problem and takes action to fix it by resetting and troubleshooting the network. The Self Healing Store automates the whole process.
  • Operating System – The Self Healing Store’s automated “detect and diagnose” protocol works to pinpoint the exact issue behind outages, minimizing needless replacement parts and expensive technician visits. For situations in which parts or component replacement is the only answer, the system can automatically dispatch a technician with the right replacement parts and tools to ensure the problem is quickly fixed on the initial call.
  • Applications – When the Self Healing Store detects an application error or crash – for example, with Java, Adobe or Flash – it will immediately close and restart the application and initiate a reinstall when necessary – all without the need for user intervention.

Process Analytics

The Self Healing Store includes process analytics to visualize technology processes in near real time, creating insights and identifying automation opportunities that help clients understand problem areas and make the necessary operational adjustments. The Self Healing Store is an adaptive solution; as new opportunities for automation reveal themselves through daily retail activity, they will be added.

CompuCom’s Self Healing Store is available now. For more information on the service and CompuCom’s retail technology solutions, please visit us at booth #759 or at

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