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Convergent Retail Solutions (Convergent) is an end-to-end, single source technology solutions provider for businesses. Whether its Point of Sale (POS) systems, Credit Card Processing, Video Surveillance (CCTV), Drive Thru Technologies, Networking/Cabling, or A/V Content, Convergent offers “Technology to Accelerate Your Success” through cutting-edge, customizable solutions at affordable prices with flexible payment options. No more contacting dozens of vendors for all your technology needs.

Our featured product, Restaurant Manager POS software, is highly configurable so that it fits each clients’ unique business needs and budget. Plus, with the launch of a hybrid cloud POS solution named Duet, Convergent now has options for all types of restaurants from fine dining to food trucks. Whether you are running a fine dining establishment or a food truck, rest assured that you have a “one stop shop” for all of your technology needs. That way, you can focus on what truly matters, your customers.

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