Crane Merchandising Systems Introduces NFC for BevMAX and Merchant Media


WILLISTON, S.C. – August 12, 2015 – Consumers at MEDIA vending machines will now have a new way to pay as Crane Merchandising Systems, a Crane Co. company, has added near field communication (NFC) capability to its integrated cashless solution for BevMAX and Merchant MEDIA.

Crane Merchandising Systems, the leading global manufacturer of innovative solutions for vending machines, cashless systems, software and wireless communications, announced today that NFC is now part of the integrated MEDIA platform and will accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and other NFC payments.

“The addition of NFC to MEDIA continues the company’s vision to build an intelligent retail store with a superior consumer experience,” said Alan Hollis, President of Crane Merchandising Systems. “We are focused on changing the face of vending by attracting consumers, enabling operators to drive same-store sales and ensuring the MEDIA platform keeps improving.”

For the consumer, MEDIA’s 7-inch touchscreen is ideally suited to highlight the acceptance of mobile payments, further creating awareness of the availability of cashless and improving the consumer experience with the machine.

For operators, the NFC tap zone fits perfectly into the integrated payment area of the MEDIA machines and adds to the high-visibility graphics that are designed to drive awareness of cashless capabilities and significantly increase same store sales.

About Crane Merchandising Systems

Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products. Crane Co. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:CR).

One of its segments, Crane Merchandising Systems, designs and manufactures a diverse, yet integrated portfolio of automatic merchandising equipment across multiple verticals, including hot and cold beverage, snack, and food. It also offers other vending solutions including cashless processing, payment devices, vending management software and wireless communication technology. Its legacy of brands (Automatic Products®, Dixie Narco®, GPL®, National Vendors™, Stentorfield™ and Streamware®) enables Crane to provide customers a complete, cross-platform solution while maintaining innovation, quality and service.


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