Custom Printed Receipt Rolls Made Accessible by POS Supply

POS Supply Custom rolls

POS Supply Solutions, Inc. (POS Supply) offers custom printed paper rolls as part of their thermal paper product line.

Custom printed paper rolls offer retailers another way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Logo and website information can be added to reinforce branding and increase product awareness, a printed return policy might be included to clearly communicate policies with customers and ensure efficient service or coupons or promotions might be added to increase customer visits and expand brand loyalty. Security printing helps to combat receipt fraud and protects profits.

Historically, custom printed paper rolls were cost prohibitive to many businesses due to large order minimums, often times an excess of 100 cases was needed to receive a price break, add on plate charges for initial setup and the cost became unjustifiable to many. POS Supply Solutions has changed that by offering custom printed paper rolls with a low five case minimum, making the process both accessible and affordable.

Whether a customer is buying groceries at the supermarket, grabbing a latte at a local cafe, pumping gas, or buying a big-ticket item, receipts are indispensable. Custom printed paper rolls are an effective marketing delivery system— delivering several benefits at low cost while helping to increase profitability with each point of sale transaction

“Custom printed paper rolls are a great way for our customers to encourage repeat business.” said POS Supply’s President Stephen Enfield. “With a low five case minimum order and competitive prices, our customers are able to utilize a great marketing tool.”

POS Supply has access to a diverse array of paper grades, converting capabilities, and printing options. In addition to custom printed paper rolls, POS Supply Solutions provides point of sale and transaction supply solutions to a full spectrum of business transaction applications. Just recently the company released a line of BPA Free thermal receipt paper rolls to address the growing concern regarding the potential health risks of exposure to BPA.


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