Customers WANT Mobile POS In Restaurants and Retail Shops

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By Dave Eagle, exclusively for The Point of Sale News  

Last year, the mobile adoption rate for POS hovered around 50%, and that number is on pace to hold steady or go up before the end of this year. Don’t confuse adoption rate with install base: the former is the percentage of people upgrading or buying new that choose mobile over legacy, while the latter is how many are actually running mobile POS in their businesses. But the adoption rate obviously has an effect on the install base. 

They say that 2016 is the year that mobile goes mainstream and overtakes traditional point of sale.  Part of this has to do with the functionality and selling points of mobile POS: it’s much less costly to implement, usually easier to operate, and because the apps operate in the cloud, owners have a new degree of flexibility in operating their businesses. But don’t take my word for it. Google the benefits of cloud POS and read any of the results.

The arguments in favor of mobile POS are very compelling—low cost, flexible, no IT headaches, always accessible—and you can choose any one of them to justify making the switch in your own business.kounta infographic 03

But as the adoption rate steadily rises and the technology becomes more ubiquitous, there’s a new factor emerging that ought to affect your decision if you’re looking to try on a new point of sale this year. Your customers want you to do it.    

And, in this case, the customers have a point.

It’s a rare thing indeed that the people who hand their money over to you have some good ideas about how you can best process that money and monitor its journey to your bank account.

Because of this, it’s worth noting that your customers’ reasons don’t have much to do with mobile POS being a sound business decision. Rather, it’s a simple matter of this technology making things easier for them, too.

The National Restaurant Association conducted a survey of diners around alternative POS systems, with “alternative” being defined as tablet or smartphone based. Customer perception around these technologies is overwhelmingly positive:

  • 79% responded that tech options increase convenience. Even just having a menu on a website has been shown to boost business, but when you add the ability for customers to order and pay through a smartphone app, or at a self-serve kiosk, you don’t just make it easier for customers to order. You make it so easy that they choose to dine out rather than reheat a sandwich.

  • 70% said that more tech in restaurants increases order accuracy and speeds up service over all. More happy customers equals more repeat customers.

  • 34% of people surveyed said that these kinds of tech options encourage them to dine out or order in more. 34% sounds like a low number, but it’s a group who weren’t planning on spending money to begin with, so any part of it will add incremental income.

  • 35% said they’re more likely to choose a restaurant with tech options over one that doesn’t have any. Again, this sounds like a low number, but it helps to put it in context. When making a decision about where to eat, 3.5 out of 10 people make a decision based on criteria that has nothing to do with food.

   Now, if you own a retail establishment, that doesn’t mean you should ignore these hospitality-oriented stats. For one thing, people like convenience and good service, no matter what they’re shopping for, and clearly, those last stats show that for a certain segment of the population, shopping choices can be made without regard to the thing that they’re shopping for. Around 35% will make a choice based on how easy it is to buy something over whether or not they actually wanted the thing to begin with.

    If you’re a business owner, you certainly want to give the customer a strong reason to do business with you, and mobile point-of-sale is a good one!


Kounta dave eagleAbout Dave Eagle

Dave Eagle is a writer for Kounta, makers of the Kounta POS, a cloud-based point of sale system that works on any device.



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