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North Carolina’s premier Point of Sale (POS) provider, Data Control Systems (DCS), has been servicing restaurateurs for over 30 years. Our flagship product, Restaurant Manager POS (RM POS), is fast, feature-rich and intuitive. With crucial front of house applications and robust back of house reporting, RM POS gives you the tools you need to succeed.  Ideal for a range of concepts from table service/fine-dining, bars/nightclubs, takeout/delivery and café/quick service restaurants, RM POS provides a fully customizable solution to meet your concept specifications. Our full suite of POS solutions offers a variety of hardware and software options ranging from: touch screen stations, mobile tablets, tableside ordering, integrated online ordering, video kitchen displays, EMV readers, mobile pay, Apple pay, Pay-at-the-Table, automated reporting and more.

A crucial part of any POS purchase is the ongoing service and support. When you purchase from DCS, you will receive service and support from our highly skilled and tenured technicians housed right here in our Raleigh, NC office. At DCS, our POS technology specialists not only provide unparalleled service and support, they guarantee it 24/7/364 (closed on Christmas). DCS is dedicated to ensuring every client is well served. Whether it’s evaluating your needs, recommending a customized solution, implementing and maintaining your systems, or keeping you abreast of the latest technology, DCS is there for you when you need them.

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