DATABASICS Now Offering Conference Attendee Tracking


Using DATABASICS, an enterprise expense reporting tool, companies can now track employee conference expenses. The company just announced the general release of its extension for Conference Attendee Tracking (CAT). CAT facilitates the allocation of selected categories of event expenses over large groups of attendees and supports compliance with applicable spend limits for individuals not only for a single event, but over time.  The new system, CAT, is like the other DATABASICS products, highly configurable. Customers can easily set their own allocation and reporting rules.

According to Marcel Syriani, DATABASICS’ CTO, “The requirements for distributing costs for meetings, seminars and conference over attendees are substantially different from splitting up a bill for a business meal which is why most expense tools struggle to support this functionality.  First, there is a much larger universe of attendees.  Secondly, rules apply in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries that mandate limits on what can be spent on individuals or their organizations. These limits typically extend over the course of year so you must be able to identify an individual and their organization across events and the calendar.  CAT fully resolves these issues.”

Conference Attendee Tracking expands the support for Meeting Management provided by DATABASICS Budgeting.  With these utilities, DATABASICS offers meeting managers a unique expense reporting solution to cost control and compliance.

DATABASICS’ Expense Reporting is recognized as the expense management solution for the agile enterprise. First introduced in 1997, DATABASICS’ Expense Reporting is a comprehensive, flexible, and fully-integrated expense reporting solution.

DATABASICS’ customers represent all types of organizations:  financial services, healthcare, mining and manufacturing, retail, hospitality, transportation, federal contracting, state  government, education and non-profit. Any company with a need to significantly increase efficiency and profitability in managing employee expense.


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