Datacap Adds Support for MercuryLoyalty

   MercuryLoyalty(tm) is now supported on point of sale systems that use Datacap’s Tran linke of integrated payment solutions.    The Mercury system includes “points” transactions, coupon verification, and the upload of transaction detail.    The update allows merchants who process with Mercury to handle loyalty programs and gain revnue as a result.

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About Datacap Systems

Datacap Systems celebrates 30 years of successfully designing, manufacturing and marketing integrated payment verification systems. Datacap’s payment interfaces allow virtually any system, regardless of operating system or hardware platform, to gain easy access to payment processing networks for credit, debit, check, EBT, FSA, gift/prepaid card and loyalty program processing. Integrated payment solutions from Datacap are utilized by hundreds of POS applications in an
array of vertical markets.

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