DAVO Technologies Partners with Poynt to Offer the DAVO Sales Tax app

Portland, Maine (October 12, 2017) DAVO Sales Tax, by DAVO Technologies, the only integrated and automated sales tax cash management solution targeted to small and medium sized businesses has partnered with Poynt, the creator of the Poynt Smart Terminal.

The partnership will allow DAVO to offer it’s app to Poynt merchants via Poynt’s App Marketplace. The DAVO Sales Tax solution automatically collects sales data and tax revenue daily from the Poynt Smart Terminal to ensure a merchant’s tax liability remains current and funded at the time of filing. The DAVO solution can be integrated within minutes thanks to a simple onboarding process.

“Sales tax compliance is a major burden for most merchants, particularly small to mid-sized merchants. It is a responsibility from which they gain no benefit, yet bear the burden of liability if they make a mistake,” said Owen Brown, CEO of DAVO Technologies. “DAVO Sales Tax is a simple and safe product that automatically collects, files and pays sales tax for merchants.” According to Brown, “DAVO’s patented process removes the friction points associated with sales tax compliance, affording merchants more time to focus on the profitable aspects of their business.”

“By collecting and impounding sales tax funds daily, DAVO Sales Tax ensures our customers are compliant and fulfills their fiduciary responsibilities to the state. Our goal is to protect our customers, mitigating risk,” said Brown. At the end of the tax cycle, DAVO Sales Tax automatically files and pays sales tax revenues to the state on behalf of each merchant.

About DAVO Technologies LLC

DAVO Technologies has pioneered simplified daily cash management solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Their premier application, DAVO Sales Tax is used by merchants to automatically collect, file and pay sales tax in all 45 states and the District of Columbia who have sales tax obligations. DAVO is currently developing a suite of DAVO PAY proprietary products that reduce traditional 30 day payment cycles to 24 hours. To find out more, please visit www.davotechnologies.com.


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