Decks iPad Shopping App, Good Design and Seamless Usability


I’ve just discovered Decks, a new shopping app from Cooliris, that marries my two favorite things: Print and iPad. I realize print is, technically, a misnomer in regard to iPad media which is, of course, digital. But the lure of the iPad lies in its inherent print-like qualities. After all, isn’t the ability to create a magazine-like experience, enhanced by interactivity, the beauty of the device? Usability issues of web and smartphone design predicate a coldness that even the best designer has trouble surmounting. The iPad brings warmth to digital. The magazine industry has launched a new campaign with the message: you surf the internet, you swim in a magazine. The iPad provides both experiences.

Which brings us to Decks. An app that combines the pleasure of catalog shopping (I still get goosebumps when I find the IKEA catalog in my mailbox) with the ease of eCommerce.

The Decks iPad app enables you curate your personalized collection of shopping catalogs as decks of cards that update continuously. Decks is available now for free in the Apple iTunes store at and a simple deck editor is available at

By bringing the online buying experience across multiple product categories into one place on the iPad, Decks allows you to eliminate the disruptive experience of browsing and purchasing across multiple websites. With real-time updates, you always have access to the latest products and daily promotions and with one tap, you can share your favorites with your family, friends and followers via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Decks launches with Groupon, Zappos, The New York Times Best Sellers™ List, top movies, as well as the most popular iPad apps. More merchants and product categories will be added in the weeks to come.

“Any buying experience where a consumer spends money should be delightfully intuitive, which is what we offer with Decks on iPad, instead of old-school printed catalogs. For businesses, we provide the ability to create premium decks with increased discoverability and engagement with their catalogs — be it at their point of sale or on the consumer’s coffee-table,” commented Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris co-founder and chief executive officer.

Decks builds on the highly-successful Discover application that turns Wikipedia into a beautiful magazine experience. Discover is now approaching 1 million downloads and was the #1 free iPad app in the iTunes Store across six countries for seven consecutive days. Both Discover and Decks leverage the differentiating PageKit™ technology built by Cooliris to render dynamic content with a fast and fluid experience on iPhone or iPad at significantly smaller download sizes.

Decks is also available as a publishing platform for businesses for offering a unique iPad buying experience that is easy-to-create, real-time and visually beautiful for consumers. Decks’ intuitive user experience displays products front and foremost, combined with tactile navigation and one tap purchase directly from the company’s webpage.

Good design and seamless usability, what more can we ask for from a device?

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