Denver Based Package Delivery Startup DropSpot Expands to San Francisco and Chicago

DENVER, Sept. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DropSpot is continuing its expansion plans around the country adding locations in San Francisco and Chicago in addition to Denver. DropSpot is an innovative solution for package delivery targeting large multi-family apartment and condominium buildings. DropSpot’s tech team, based in San Francisco, has created highly scalable apps that enable customers to ship any package sent via Fedex, UPS, USPS and other shipping services directly to local merchants (DropSpots) which can then be easily picked up at the customer’s convenience.

DropSpot effectively creates a community of users and merchants that benefits everyone. Users have complete control over their package delivery, merchants get new and repeat customers, building managers outsource a huge headache for themselves, and the shippers get more efficient routes.

DropSpot completed a friends and family fundraising round in early 2017. Cameron Doherty, CEO said, “We are very excited about DropSpot’s potential to enhance user experience. We have demonstrated a clear and growing need to solve the package delivery problem for consumers who live in dense urban markets. Over 25 million packages a year get stolen in the US and packages that require a signature pose yet another big dilemma for busy consumers. DropSpot solves for all of the above.”

The company presented its business model at the National Apartment Association conference in Atlanta in June. “The reception was overwhelming,” according to Brad VanderBrug, head of operations. “We signed up interested apartment managers totaling over 400,000 apartment units around the country.”

DropSpot’s big challenge now is to continue its roll out to other major metro areas. The company is actively seeking DropSpot merchants located near large apartment complexes. Package volumes increase significantly around the holidays. “We need to gear up and be ready for the holiday crush,” said Aaron Ober, DropSpot’s Director in San Francisco. 

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