Digital Signage for Retail


Digital signage is a form of electronic display showing advertising and public information in private and public areas (shopping malls, hospitals, colleges, retails, small shops, waiting rooms, restaurants) both outdoors and indoors. In the past few years the retail environment has taken advantage of the communication and advertising opportunities offered by this technology.

A recent case is that of a Swedish supermarket using the digital signage screen to involve its clients in making prices fall. The more persons check in, the lower the price of a retailer-chosen product will decrease. The call to action is advertised on a screen at the supermarket’s entrance, people being notified or reminded to use the smartphones to check in.

The Advantages of Digital signage at the Point of Sale

Visibility. The screen itself attracts people attention and gives you the chance to enhance the visibility of your message.

Targeted Communication. Digital signage allows you to reach the right people, at the right time in the right location. It’s not about reaching everybody- but those who you care the most about and who reciprocate that attitude- and who else than people already in your store? The likelihood of them acting on your CTA is considerably increased given the fact that they’re on your premises. A screen behind the counter has proven a very efficient way of suggesting consumers items they might want to purchase. ‘’Get our new deal’’ will not be a thing on their list they might forget about but the next thing they do. The flexibility of today’s digital signage software allows you to show your message at the right time of the day and on the right screens so if you’ve got a chain you can personalize your communications.

Brand Building. The screen could be all about you, your offer, your brand with no competitive advertising. The digital signage software is unbranded at the screen end, allowing you to insert your brand and graphics. This communication media is also a message in itself- presenting you as a forward-looking, modern retailer.

A source of revenue. Besides displaying your own ads, you can show that of your partners and/or of complementary products and services and charge a fee for this service. In this way, you can cover the cost of your digital signage system and make a profit out of it.

How is Digital Signage used at the POSdigital_signage_in_retail_dynamax

-Advertise products. Clothes retailers can showcase a new collection in a new, eye-catching way product discounts, loyalty schemes etc.

-Display opening times and other store-related information of general interest.

-Reinforce your other communication channels, by showing live Twitter feeds, website and Facebook page links. If you insert a QR code on your screen customers can scan it and access your content (website page, image etc.) right there using their smartphones.

-Show ads of complementary products and services. This will also allow you to incur extra-revenues.

-Motivate your staff. Use your screen(s) to congratulate the best shop assistant of the month or to announce promotions across your stores etc.

-Communicate with your staff. To reduce the risk of disturbing your shoppers you can display some of daily staff announcements on the screen. This is also another way to ensure that your staff is up-to-date with the news and information relevant to them;

The possibilities are numerous and it’s up to the creativity of the user to make the best of the system. Large retailers such as Westfield London have used it to create memorable customer experiences, using Internet-connected touch screens with cameras incorporated allowing shoppers to photograph themselves and share these photos with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

The purpose of Digital Signage in a Retail Environment

The goal of digital signage is to enable retailers to communicate more effectively (with more impact – lower costs) and help consumers make more informed choices. By advertising a promotion, a coming deal or a product in stock (or in low stock) retailers offer their clients the chance to make a better decision.


The rise of cloud-based digital signage systems has made its use and deployment considerably easier. Cloud-based software, such as the software from Dynamax, can be easily managed by any person with the minimum computer operating skills.  Sending content to your screens is very similar to using the Internet: browse your files, upload them, schedule them and hit publish. With a cloud-based system the user is relieved of the task of managing servers, backing up data or worrying about bandwidth. All so you can focus on your main competency and start creating message engagement at the Point Of Sale.

-Ana Udrea, Dynamax Technologies Ltd.

About Dynamax

Dynamax is passionate about digital signage software and have spent over a decade developing enterprise solutions which power a wide range of digital signage networks – from Retail, Government and Education in Europe and Latin America. Their cloud-based digital signage product- digitalsignage.NET enables large and small organizations communicate in a faster, easier and more effective manner.

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