Digital Signage – Just What the Doctor Ordered


One of the most stressful places to find yourself is in the hospital, dental office, or emergency room waiting area.  Because of the way our healthcare system is organized, we often feel uncertain about billing and insurance, not to mention the psychological strain of waiting to have a medical procedure performed.  Even our pets find themselves more than a little anxious when they are in the veterinary waiting area.  However, some smart practitioners are utilizing the power of digital signage to engage and inform patients and customers while they wait, distracting them from the anxiety-inducing task at hand while informing them of interesting facts and vital information.

 Digital signage boards can be used to let patients in the waiting room know what the anticipated wait time is for the emergency room.  In the hospital cafeteria, digital signage displays can not only introduce patients, staff, and families to the day’s menu but also help the hospital to introduce heart patients, diabetics, and other interested parties to healthy eating tips which bolster their investments in their own preventative care.  Complicated discharge procedures can be introduced at the intake point, helping to streamline the administrative process down the line.  And most importantly for patients, digital signage displays can help to distract them from the stressful and potentially painful tasks at hand while engaging them on a deeper social level.

 From a marketing and social media perspective, some dentistry and non-urgent medial offices are using digital signage to engage waiting patients with interactive social displays.  By displaying Facebook and Twitter information and live-streaming your social media sites, you can engage patients and customers as they wait.   Companies even provide practices and hospitals with the ability to automatically update donor recognition displays using digital signage, ensuring that your next non-profit capital campaign or volunteer outreach efforts reach new audiences.

 The digital signage platform from Digital Clinic provides patients with a unique way to engage with a practice’s social media campaigns by providing prizes and incentives to entice patients to participate.  That long waiting room delay might seem less tedious if patients had an interactive experience to engage their wandering minds.  Meanwhile, your business gains valuable exposure by deepening its marketing relationship with customers.

 Whether your business is a medical practice, dental office, or veterinary clinic, digital signage options abound to deepen your relationship with patients and customers and engage them in unique and valuable ways.  The more engaged your patients are as they interact with your practice, the more they will return and the greater your marketing dollars will benefit your business in the long term.  Now that the doctor making house calls armed with a stethoscope, apple, and bulky doctor’s bag are gone, a more interactive approach is required to deepen your relationship with the patient. Digital signage products provide a unique opportunity for your practice to set itself apart from the competition.

Written by Suzi Harkola

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