Digital Signage Menus with Nutritional Data

Nothing curbs your appetite like checking out the whopping calorie, sodium, and fat counts in your Whopper.  However, as consumers become increasingly aware of nutritional information, they are making smarter choices at the fast food point of sale.  In some areas, like my home base of NYC, restaurants are required to display nutritional information on their POS menu boards.  Xpedient, a division of Louisville-based software provider Advanced Solutions, recently announced nutritional content display compatibility for its digital signage menu board systems.  Advanced Solutions software engineering manager Brandon Hanke reports, “Health conscious individuals or those with certain dietary restrictions now have the ability to see nutritional information needed when making and placing an order…we believe this provides a great benefit to the customer and can differentiate one store from another.”

For more on nutritional content digital signage displays from Xpedient, click here.

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