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As we continue our series on digital signage innovation this month, today we are featuring a really interesting usage for digital signage in the retail sector.  We have explored new and interesting uses for digital signage in the food and hospitality markets, but digital signage is of course useful for other sectors as well.  Of particular interest for those retailers who cater to the socially engaged set, there are couple of very interesting developments in the digital signage realm that fall under the interesting term “digital signage mirror.”

OmniMirror from Australian company 5 Faces allows shoppers to try on potential purchases in a digital signage mirror that can display their looks on a social network of their own choosing.  Using Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms to show their social media followers a potential outfit engages shoppers with a firm and its own social media campaign.  Likewise, it’s free, instant advertising for your store as your customers blast their photos to all of their online friends.  Incorporating innovative social media campaigns into your retail marketing strategy puts your firm ahead of the curve and allows you to reach entirely new sectors of the shopping population.

Another unique take on digital signage “mirror” software for retail comes from ComQi, the company that created delayMirror.  delayMirror is a digital signage program that allows shoppers to check out how a potential purchase looks from different angles.  As the customer poses in front of the digital signage “mirror,” it displays the look from different angles at a three second delay.  This way, every angle of an outfit is visible, and shoppers don’t have to twist and crane to see how something fits from an awkward angle.  It is easy to see the potential for this type of technology in the retail environment.  Especially for retailers catering to the female demographic, digital signage mirror programs offer the retailer a unique opportunity to engage the customer with interactive media while also securing more exposure as the customers share their potential purchases on social networks.  Particularly in the case of OmniMirror, the social engagement option means a double bonus on the retailer’s investment as customers take the marketing work off your to-do list and share your store’s unique products with all of their social networks.

Digital signage innovation continues to shift the face of the retail industry.  With ideas like these continuously in development, it is certain that the experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store will become increasingly technology-rich.  Imagine the possibilities if retailers could “tag” specific items that customers were trying on in the digital signage mirror so that online viewers could order them in their sizes online?  Or suppose a digital signage mirror could suggest similar items or other options in different sizes or colors?  Taking the guesswork out of the customer experience while engaging them in an exciting way means a big win for retailers.  We look forward to the next developments in digital signage for retail.



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