DineTime Showcases Wait List And Reservations App At #NRAshow

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“Guest management is a buzzword in our industry, but everything we do adds up to a better guest experience,” said Heath Wechter, VP of Sales at QSR Automations.  “By integrating our DineTime platform and its various consumer touch points with our back-of-house technologies and industry-leading analytics, restaurants can holistically impact the guest experience.”  

Consumer Wait List App

DineTime’s next phase will be the broad adoption of its consumer app, which allows guests to quickly search, locate and make reservations or wait list additions from their mobile devices for any restaurant using DineTime.  The DineTime database is expected to feature more than 4,500 restaurant locations by the end of the year, each of which is active on the DineTime host guest management system. The DineTime consumer app is available for both iPhone and Android users, making it a great way to enhance visibility to more diners nationwide. Guests can conveniently discover and book a restaurant via their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

“DineTime showed us how much business we were losing from guests who walked away,” said Madeline Peters, co-owner of Coals Artisan Pizza of Louisville, KY. “People didn’t want to wait in line. Now they don’t have to.”

Integration with Industry-Leading Technology Partners

After years of collaboration, DineTime offers enterprise connectivity with more than 50 point-of-sale vendors, as well as major restaurant applications.  For example, this week QSR Automations and Venga announced a partnership to bring a complete guest management solution to the restaurant industry by combining the acclaimed DineTime front-of-house solution with Venga’s industry-leading guest intelligence, feedback, and marketing tools.

Earlier this year, QSR Automations announced a partnership with HotSchedules®, a leading provider of mobile technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries.  The companies plan to integrate DineTime and QSR’s ConnectSmart Kitchen and DineTime with the HotSchedules Internet of Things (IoT) Platform.  This integration will help casual dining brands increase speed of service, identify top servers and access table management analytics from mobile devices. 

Other DineTime partners include MyCheck and Flypay.  

QSR Automations Celebrates 20 Years

The DineTime guest management platform and consumer waitlist app are a result of more than 20 years of QSR Innovations working with the nation’s leading restaurants through more than 70,000 installs worldwide.

“These milestones haven’t happened overnight,” added Wechter. “Like the rest of our systems, DineTime required an intimate understanding of restaurant technology and the needs of restaurateurs of all sizes.  We applied what we learned in streamlining back-of-house technology the last two decades into the most intuitive, integrated system for the host stand.”

About QSR Automations

Established in 1996, QSR Automations is a hospitality industry leader in innovative in-store, online and mobile restaurant hardware and software solutions. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, QSR helps restaurants and businesses of all sizes and concepts around the world measurably increase efficiency, enhance productivity, improve quality and maximize guest delight. QSR’s innovative software and hardware solutions focus on all activities around the guest to help create a positive and memorable guest experience each and every visit. For further information on QSR Automations, visit www.qsrautomations.com or contact QSR at 502-297-0221. Read more

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