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iPoint, a popular pharmaceutical program launched in 2005 by Pharmaceutical Operations Provider (POP), has recently become a PDMA compliant mobile application available for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Windows Mobile that focuses on call management and electronic signatures. Yet, there’s so much more. 

Using closed-loop marketing, this application offers a modular-based, tailor fit program that is sensitive to both your needs and your customer’s needs, including extremely competitive pricing. It is also an ideal solution for small to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies due to the affordability and available features.

After taking some time to talk with Jay Stribling, POP President, and having him walk me through the demo, I found there are too many great features to describe them all, so I picked out some that I feel are most valuable.

It’s intuitive, but simplistic. All you need is some common sense and basic knowledge to enter, view and comprehend information (such as doctor searches by name or area) easily and quickly. 

It’s expense module is thorough and caters to every need, such as gas, odometer readings and personal mileage. All expenses can be fully audited, which is a feature that many programs do not offer. 

It’s a closed-loop marketing system, meaning that your customer data helps feed your marketing campaign. For example, you have PDF data at your fingertips that you can email to doctors, along with surveys for general feedback. This also allows you to review what you have been showing doctors and how often the material has been shown to them.

It’s capable of allowing reps to log every detail of their day from time management, attendance and PTO, to the date, time and location of all calls. Furthermore, it helps to save on time and routing expenses with its built-in GPS and mapping feature. You can also view notes from each specific call to monitor which prescription samples were dropped off and what was discussed. 

It has an anti-fraud feature. No employer ever wants to consider the fact that their employees might be ripping them off. Unfortunately, it’s a reality in any business. With this in mind, the iPoint app can capture where a signature was written and identify the speed of the signature, comparing it with past signatures from each specific doctor. It also prevents reps from making any changes to an order once the doctor has signed off. 

It has a built-in inventory reconciliation system for every representative. This incredibly useful feature speaks for itself in the world of pharmaceuticals.

It does not require a 3G network, thus, saving you money on the type of mobile device your reps will need.

As I mentioned above, there are many, many other features available on the iPoint app that you can discover for yourself. I definitely recommend viewing a free demo from POP. And when you contact them you will perhaps discover the most important feature above all, which is excellent customer service and support. As Stribling stated to me on the phone, “Our number one priority is customer service. This is a partner relationship and if they don’t win, we don’t win.” To request your free demo, please click on the following link:

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