Do Mobile Shopping Apps Affect POS?


Mobile shopping apps continue to evolve—how is it affecting your point of sale?

Caught in the midst of an unstable economy, a high unemployment rate, and a bottomed-out housing market, Americans are watching their wallets more carefully than ever. Deals, coupons, and other means of saving are all the rage, as they attempt to pinch pennies and stretch dollars.

Not everyone considers themselves cut out for coupon clipping (pun intended), or they may be too time-crunched to compare every deal out there. However, mobile technology is rapidly evolving to make saving easier and more convenient, with mobile coupons, comparison shopping, and mobile product searches. Mobile technology will continue to become more prevalent than it already is, and prove to every customer type that there are quick and painless ways to save money.

ShopSavvy is a popular mobile shopping app that allows shoppers to scan products with a smartphone and compare prices for an item. The company recently decided they could give their 11 million users even more of an edge by teaming with Grocery Server, a search engine for finding and comparing grocery deals. Integrating these two tools will allow shoppers to go beyond scanning bar codes and comparing prices. They will also see current coupons and deals, not only for the item they scanned, but for similar items in other local stores. This enhanced tool will allow shoppers to make even more informed decisions and save more money.

Corbin de Rubertis, co-founder and CEO of Grocery Server, explains that Grocery Server’s “extensive database of local grocery deals, aggregate[ed] coupons and in-store specials at more than 200 chains nationwide” will help ShopSavvy expand coverage in the Grocery category.  John Boyd, co-founder and vice president of business development for ShopSavvy, calls the partnership the “beginning” of their move into the Grocery market, “a category poised for savings and opportunity over the coming five years.” ShopSavvy will continue to expand product and inventory information from supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores, and other retailers of food and beverage.

So what does all this mean for the point of sale? It means that customers don’t have to shop at tN_78584_ShopSavvy_mobile_ads_grocery_dealsjust one store at a time anymore. If they see something they like at one store, they can scan, price, and compare it at other stores before they even walk to (or past) your point of sale. And they don’t have to flip through fliers or go home to browse Amazon anymore to scope out where the deals are. They have information at their fingertips telling them whether a product has good reviews or bad reviews, whether you have the lowest price or the supermarket up the road. Shoppers will even be able to compare one product with other similar products.

Retailers should get familiar with the tools their customers are using, and which ones are working for them, and what gets them excited. That knowledge can become powerful if a business can integrate it into how they serve their customers. Staff should be aware of the technology and even equipped with similar tools to aid customers with product information, etc. Policies such as price-matching, or accepting competitor coupons, should be in place to keep customers from walking out for a better deal.

Grocery stores offering shopping lists and planning tools on their own web site or mobile site will have a higher appeal with budget-conscious and mobile-equipped shoppers. White label products (something that Grocery Servers offers to help companies with) provide low-cost options for shoppers, and can be included in grocery deal-finders, shopping lists, planning tools, and brand advertising. These lists and tool can then be published on a company’s web site, mobile site, and social pages.

Although smartphones and smart shoppers are giving businesses a run for their money, mobile technology offers just as much promise to savvy store-owners and retailers who are willing to embrace it and engage customers in new and creative ways.


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