Domestic Giant Goes International with eCommerce


Bring the Point of Sale to Customer’s Homes


Retailers large and small are realizing the fiscal impact of a well-designed eCommerce point of sale platform. An e-comm website allows retailers to be open 24/7 while expanding the geographical reach of your brand. Guitarcenter, a company that has solidified it’s domestic presence, is seeking to increase profits with an international expansion, faciliated by an international ecommerce platform.

The largest domestic retailer of musical instruments and equipment, Guitar Center, has recently launched a huge ecommerce platform that accepts payments in over 90 countries. To facilitate this global online expansion, Guitar Center has partnered with FiftyOne, the leading provider of international eCommerce services and infrastructure to United States retailers with global ambition.

Guitar Center is using the FiftyOne platform to extend its e-commerce operations into more than 90 countries and to accept payment in 42 currencies, with all applicable taxes, duties, and shipping costs included in full.

“We are thrilled to have been able to extend the Guitar Center brand to consumers worldwide,” said Richie Pidanick, Vice President at Guitar Center. “We carry one of the world’s largest available selections of guitars, amplifiers, percussion, keyboards, pro audio and recording equipment. It’s only natural that international consumers would want access to our online catalog of premium merchandise. We wanted to make sure that these consumers had a first-class customer experience from the moment they land on our website and start shopping, until the moment the order arrives at their door. With FiftyOne, we’ve been able to make this a reality.”

“Guitar Center is a legendary US retailer,” said Mike DeSimone, Chief Executive Officer of FiftyOne. “They offer an unbelievable shopping experience for musicians of every age and every level of expertise. Music is a universal language of sorts, and I’m confident international consumers will be quick to take advantage of this opportunity,” he concluded.

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