Ds Smart Cart Launches New Electronic Shopping Cart That Helps Both Businesses & Consumers

The recent market correction has put more pressure on e-commerce sites to be profitable, making this coming holiday online shopping season more important. Stores looking to boost profits should adopt and follow the best-practice examples shown in the DS Smart Cart which is a portable check out station that allows users to scan and weigh items as they shop, calculate cost totals, and optimize their shopping experience.

DS Smart Cart uses a variety of features to make shopping easier and quicker. Aside from being a portable check-out station, it also has monitors that can connect to the store’s inventory. As a result of this feature, users can find if items are in stock, the location, and view sales and advertised specials on the cart’s monitor.


DS Smart Cart also has an interface that accepts multiple payment options, eliminating checkout lines for the customer and reducing cashier space and staffing costs for the retailer.


“DS Smart Cart is revolutionizing the way the world shops and how businesses operate. Everything you imagine can be a reality with the all-new Smart Cart. Consumers can now save time and the hassle when shopping while businesses can cut back on payroll, taxes and other costs with employing cashiers,” says the spokesperson Anthony for DS Smart Cart. “As a business owner, you no longer have to worry about Amazon biting into your profits, with DS Smart Car, you actually have a real opportunity to compete.”


About DS Smart Carts

DS Smart Carts are electronic shopping carts equipped with several scanners and scales. These electronic carts allow the customer to ring up items as they are placed in the cart and track the grand total. DS Smart Carts allow stores to display and advertise coupons, specials, and sales directly to the customers right while they shop.

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