DTT Announces Partnership with PAR Technology’s Cloud-Based Brink POS Software

LOS ANGELES and LAS VEGAS, Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DTT announced today the release of a full integration with PAR Technology’s cloud-based Brink POS® Software solution. ParTech, Inc. (PAR), is a leading global provider of point of sale (POS) and workforce efficiency solutions to the restaurant and retail industries. The integration will enable mutual clients of DTT and PAR Brink to seamlessly integrate their Point of Sale system’s transactional data with DTT’s cloud-based loss prevention technology.

DTT is the leading provider of video surveillance and loss prevention technology for the hospitality and retail industries. This integration with PAR Brink features Cloud to Cloud data requests via Brink’s API, eliminating the need for on-site software or cabling installation.

“PAR is proud to welcome DTT to our Brink ecosystem, which is among the largest in the industry,” said Paul Rubin, Chief Strategy Officer, ParTech, Inc. “Brink was built to help restaurants easily manage the overall business, including menu management, financial and inventory reporting, transaction auditing, and seamlessly integrate with third party solutions. DTT’s loss prevention and surveillance services can be of benefit to our clients.”

“DTT’s integration with Brink PAR will allow owners and operators to powerfully harness and analyze each data point from a restaurant’s POS,” says Jim Mack, DTT’s Vice President of Technology and Product Development. “What makes this such a strong loss prevention tool is that the generated data reports are fully customizable and searchable, which allows users to set low, normal, and high level filters to easily identify suspected cases of fraud. DTT’s integrated video surveillance makes corroborating these suspicious transactions as simple as clicking a button.”

Loss Prevention technology reduces fraud, enhances safety, and increases profits. PAR Brink’s partnership with DTT means that restaurant owners and operators who use a Brink POS system will be able to take advantage of DTT’s full suite of services, saving them both time and money.

About DTT
Founded in 1999 by Sam Naficy, DTT provides video surveillance solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. DTT has supported more than 36,000 clients while protecting trillions of dollars in assets and overseeing nearly 2 million employees. Brands that use DTT include McDonald’s, SUBWAY®, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Arby’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Auntie Anne’s, among others. More information at: www.dttusa.com  

PAR Technology Corporation’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PAR. PAR’s Hospitality segment has been a leading provider of restaurant and retail technology for more than 35 years. PAR offers technology solutions for the full spectrum of restaurant operations, from large chain and independent table service restaurants to international quick service chains. Products from PAR also can be found in retailers, cinemas, cruise lines, stadiums and food service companies. PAR’s Government Business is a leader in providing computer-based system design, engineering and technical services to the Department of Defense and various federal agencies. For more information, https://www.partech.com/


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