Dunkin’ Donuts Selects CARDFREE as the Mobile Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, December 9, 2015 – CARDFREE, the leading mobile commerce provider to large merchants, announced that it is the mobile application platform provider enabling  Dunkin’ Donuts’ new On-the-Go Ordering app that is currently being tested in Portland, Maine.  The company was selected by Dunkin’ Donuts to provide the mobile ordering application solution to make it easier and more convenient for members of the brand’s DD Perks® Rewards Program to place an order from their mobile phone.
With more than 15 million downloads and over 3.6 million members in the DD Perks® Rewards Program, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Mobile App is one of the most successful merchant applications to date. The new DD On-the-Go Ordering Portland app will include the ability to order and pay ahead and will personalize the consumer experience based on location, individual preferences and more.
“We are always listening  to our guests and evolving to meet their changing needs, and we are excited to test On-the-Go Ordering in Portland, Maine,” said Scott Hudler, vice president of Global Consumer Engagement for Dunkin’ Donuts. “It was critical for us to select the right partner  to help us create a best-in-class mobile ordering application that provides a great guest experience. CARDFREE provides great efficiency in having backend services, as well as front-end development and a team that is unparalleled in the QSR space.”
“Dunkin’ Donuts is an iconic American brand with a very large, loyal consumer base,“ commented Jon Squire, founder and chief executive officer of CARDFREE.  “More importantly, Dunkin’s leadership has embraced the new mobile frontier like no other so we’re certain that together we can leapfrog competitors and set the bar for customer engagement now and in the future. They are the ideal customer to benefit from our integrated commerce platform because they have a high frequency, on-the-go consumer that wants apps to be smarter and faster, while providing more utility than ever before.”
Dunkin’ Donuts has more than 11,300 locations in nearly 60 countries.

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