E-Commerce Packaging Pilfering Proliferates

CLEVELAND, Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today is National Package Protection Day, a day set aside to increase consumer awareness of the dangers of having packages delivered to their homes. While estimates vary on the number of packages stolen each year, it is clearly a growing problem for American consumers, especially as the holiday season is a prime time for these thefts. According to insuranceQuotes.com, about 23 million consumers had packages stolen from them in 2015. The Freedonia Group estimates the number of packages stolen in 2016 will approach 30 million. While this is a very small share of the over 1 billion packages shipped in the US each year, growth in online shopping will likely drive the figure even higher in the future.

In 2015, nearly $300 billion was spent online for retail goods in the US, according to a new study from Freedonia, and retail E-commerce is forecast to register 11 percent growth per year through 2020.  This includes sales of a variety of products, mostly apparel, accessories like shoes and handbags, electronics, multimedia and software, and home furnishings. According to analyst Esther Palevsky, “E-commerce retail sales expansion will be boosted by the widening range of goods gaining acceptance in e-commerce channels, especially relatively untapped consumer product segments such as food, pet food, and household products”.    

Products purchased online are shipped in a variety of packages including corrugated boxes and several types of mailers. Protective packaging including air pillows, loose fill packaging peanuts, and bubble packaging is also widely used.  All together the packaging used for retail shipping of online purchases in the US totals $2.5 billion each year. According to Palevsky “Opportunities for boxes will be boosted by package volume increases coupled with the presence of custom boxes used to differentiate brands, promote a premium image, and create excitement for “unboxing.” 

The new Retail E-Commerce Packaging Market in US study, written by Palevsky, will be published tomorrow.  

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