Eat24 Says YES! to Restaurant POS

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Eat24, a food delivery app and website based in Silicon Valley with service in most major metropolitan cities across the country, has introduced YES! POS, a cloud-based restaurant point of sale and management system. Developed in partnership with Yelp, the new mobile-based app is designed primarily for restaurants dependent on take-out, carry-out and catering large orders. At the same time, according to company co-founder Nadav Sharon, it is 100 percent customizable for any restaurant application, from mom and pop establishments to high-traffic venues.

“The way we built it, YES! is designed to work with every restaurant type,” he said in an exclusive interview with Point of Sale News.

“YES! POS provides restaurants a way to help manage a high volume of orders,” Nadav explained. “As the mobile market continues to expand, we wanted to create an app that would meet the needs of today as well as the rapidly-changing future of restaurant ordering. We can manage on-line and off-line; multiple payment options such as cash, credit card and PayPal; and receipt generation, paper or paperless. Our POS is customized for every restaurant to meet their existing as well as projected needs, and is free to those restaurants that are affiliated with Eat24.”

Regarding mobile POS, Nadav noted that approximately 30 percent of orders placed today are sent via mobile technology, and he projects about 50 percent by the end of 2013. “We are just scratching the surface here,” he said. “The potential is unlimited.”

YES! POS supports in-house table management and reservations, phone orders and driver management with GPS tracking, driving directions and electronic signature upon delivery. Additionally, it offers tools for employee management and shift scheduling.

“With YES! POS, all online ordering services are integrated,” Nadav continued, “ giving restaurants the ability to receive all online orders directly to the POS and easily confirm with one-click, eliminating the need for printers, faxes, and unnecessary phone calls. Restaurants will also be able to easily manage and update their menus and prices.”

Eat24 has been working to connect directly to POS systems to make order management easier for restaurants. “Every time we asked other POS companies to integrate with us, they said, ‘No,’” said Nadav. “So we built our own, and called it ‘YES!’”

YES! POS is currently in beta testing within the San Francisco Bay area. A full roll-out to the 25,000 restaurants within the company’s portfolio is expected within the next two months.

About Eat24

Eat24 provides free online ordering from over 25,000 local restaurants in more than 1,000 cities through and apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle. Eat24 is a privately held company in the San Francisco Bay area.

Written by Suzi Harkola

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