eBook – Next Generation POS: The Role of Cash and ePayments

next gen pos book

Mobility and payment are hot topics in retail, With tablets making major inroads into store environments and mobile wallet finally gaining traction, transactions can occur anywhere increasing convenience for customers and giving retailers exciting new options for point of sale. 

Missing from the mobility hype is a simple fact: Cash remains king for many consumers. Retailers must be prepared to accept payment in whatever form the customer wants, or risk losing the sale. Experts say cash will remain a popular choice among consumers for quite some time to come. 

The good news is there are many ways to incorporate cash acceptance into every type of retail operating environment, from traditional front-end cash-wrap stations to the most modern all-mobile settings. Solution providers can help customers innovate with new approaches to POS, while assuring them they can accept and secure cash in strategic locations throughout the selling environment. 

This eBook will help inform you of best practices for integrating cash into a paperless environment.

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