Editing and Updating Online Storefronts with Visual Merchandising Software

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“Visual merchandising software brings together all of the tools eMerchandisers use in one slick interface.”

ECommerce merchandising has exploded in recent years. Anyone selling anything is probably doing it online. But for many, the resources needed to keep an online storefront running smoothly are out of reach. The time it takes to stay up-to-date on analytics, inventory, sales, and make changes to webpage layouts and respond to customer service requests is enough to make any entrepreneur’s head spin. But the solution to the world’s eCommerce management woes has finally arrived. Smart Merchandiser and other visual merchandising software programs simplify the entire eCommerce merchandising process. Editing and updating an online storefront is a breeze when owners have the right merchandising tools at their disposal.

One Interface to Rule Them All

Visual merchandising software brings together all of the tools eMerchandisers use in one slick interface. No more having to click between multiple windows and screens. Users can analyze inventory, stay up-to-date on product performance and manage their webpage layout. Merchandising software recreates the appearance of a user’s eCommerce site, interlaying analytics from sources such as Google Analytics, social networking sites, and customer review sites including BravoRatings, BazaarVoice, and PowerReviews. Shopkeepers can make changes, customize features and power through their eCommerce to-do list all within one easy-to-use format.

Drag and Drop Catalog

In order to rise to the top of the pack, owners have to shake up their tired, old product lists. Customers want to see something new when they click on the same site time and time again. Using visual merchandising software, rearranging product lists is literally as easy as swapping out tracks on a workout playlist. Users can drag and drop product thumbnails in their online storefront as they see fit. Move under-performing items to the top, create beautiful color compositions and product layouts, and move out-of-stock items to the bottom of the list with the touch of a finger. Take control of your eCommerce storefront with the power of merchandising software.

Real-Time Inventory and Sales

What’s behind those drag-and-droppable thumbnails? All the information online storeowners need, including: analytics, sales, abandonment rates, product views, inventory, and conversion rates. Simply click on the product and see how it’s performing. As soon as another customer buys or views a product, the program will automatically update its data. Say goodbye to inaccurate inventory lists and unreliable data sets. With visual merchandising software, eMerchandisers are always in the know.

Lower Labor Costs

It no longer takes a team of sales trackers, web designers, and inventory cataloguers to run an eCommerce website. With fewer hands in the pot, shop owners can reduce their operating expenses or comfortably take on more responsibilities themselves. The future of eCommerce merchandising is here.


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