eHopper POS Announces QuickBooks Integration to Power Small Businesses

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eHopper, LLC, a point of sale and business management company servicing small businesses around the world, today announced that it is expanding its list of small business solutions by integrating with QuickBooks through an app available on Intuit’s website. The new service enables eHopper customers to automatically synchronize their sales, inventory, and revenue data with QuickBooks, eliminating the need for users to manually input information. These features expand eHopper’s offerings and provide small business owners with the tools and technology they need to start, run and grow their small business.

“Our mission is to make accounting affordable and easy to use by leveraging the power of the cloud so that time intensive work of keeping books up to date can occur automatically every time a customer makes a payment or when managing employee payroll,” said Gary Khabinski, CEO of eHopper Services LLC.

eHopper’s QuickBooks app incorporates a full suite of key features including:

  • Automatically imports sales invoices, inventory, taxes, and more
  • Maps business income and expenses, including employee payroll
  • Imports sales transaction data, including taxes
  • Manages vendor orders with ease and efficiency

eHopper’s new QuickBooks app not only helps improve business workflow, it also allows customers to allocate their time and resources to other important areas of business. According to eHopper, customers will be able to get hours added to their week by automatically importing sales, refunds, and deposits. By eliminating manual entries, eHopper customers will always have an accurate, up-to-date picture of their business’s finances.

About eHopper
eHopper Services, LLC is a Fintech company located in New York that provides cloud-based, user-friendly POS business management solutions to small businesses around the world. eHopper is applicable for a wide variety of business types, including quick-service restaurants, cafes, vape shops, bars, retail shops and any other business seeking a consolidated solution to streamline operations.

Today, eHopper Services, LLC continues to provide point of sale solutions, improve upon their products and influence innovation with small business management. For more information, visit

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