Bring Your Own Mobile Devices (BYOD) for Employee Convenience, Corporate Cost Savings


Holly Hunt®, a Chicago-based high-end interior design and distribution company, has relied for years on the standard practice of issuing cell phones to their field staff. With the rapid proliferation of wireless phones, iPads, Androids and others, staff requested the option to use their personal devices connected to the Holly Hunt network.

Management agreed, realizing that not only could this improve productivity by their staff, but would also eliminate the need to purchase and maintain a bank of company-owned mobile devices.

They turned to BoxTone’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to secure, manage, and support its enterprise-connected fleet of mobile devices and apps to create a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for employees, enabling them to securely and reliably access the corporate network from their personal mobile devices, as well as from corporate-owned iPads and tablets currently in use by the warehouse and sales force.

“BoxTone’s EMM platform was chosen because of simplicity of pricing, ease of deployment in Holly Hunt’s virtualized environment, and the intuitive nature of the software,” explained Neil Goodrich, director of Business Analytics and Technology at Holly Hunt. “The BoxTone EMM platform has also helped our company more efficiently manage a human resources employee stipend program for mobile devices, contributing to a 5 percent reduction in total telecom costs for the company. In addition, BoxTone’s direct integration into Holly Hunt’s Active Directory IT policies and other core IT systems ensured that IT could consistently and remotely enforce policies on all BYOD and corporate devices.”

Brian Reed, Chief Product Officer at BoxTone. noted that their EEM solution enables hundreds of retailers, healthcare institutions, energy and financial holly_hunt_bring_your_own_mobile_device_1services companies, and government agencies worldwide to mobilize safely, reliably and efficiently.

“We want companies to see mobility as a tool that successfully enhances their business.” Reed stated. “Leveraging BoxTone’s experience, technology and industry best-practices, Holly Hunt is now able to better serve their growing network of high-end interior designer customers, mobilizing their business safely, reliably and efficiently. BoxTone’s automated EMM solution empowers enterprise IT and Managed Services Providers to centrally manage the full mobile lifecycle – secure, deploy, monitor, enforce compliance, change update, support, retire – across all mobile users, devices, tablets and apps. BoxTone simplifies mobile service delivery in a complex world.”

About BoxTone
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