Emerald Business Systems (Washington)

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Since 1974, Emerald Business Systems (EBS) has specialized in technology, and partnered with restaurants, retail & hotel operations to provide customizable point-of-sale, CCTV Security Camera Systems and Digital Signage solutions from industry leaders like MICROS, Microsoft, and Sams4s. With our in-house programming and service department, our 24-hour a day/7-day a week on-call technicians, EBS is well prepared for the unique demands of these industries. Working from our offices in Eugene and Portland, we are able to serve our customers quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Whether you serve 50 or 5,000 people each day, every transaction is a defining moment between your business and your customer. Drawing from years of industry experience our staff specializes in assessing each customer’s unique business requirements and then crafting the technology solution to match. Over the years we’ve implemented point-of-sale solutions, Security Camera and Digital Signage for applications as diverse as our client base. Whether it is an entertainment or sports facility, resort casino or independent restaurant or retailer, we have the experience to do the job right and EBS has provided the technology and expertise for them all!

Emerald Business Systems is positioned to be your long-term business technology partner and we have the history to prove it!

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Tablet POS– handheld devices are similar to a Future POS terminal-only portable

EMV-several options for Customer Credit Card Data piece of mind

Surveillance-with Text Insertion

Mobile POS app-that can run on both Android and iOS

Digital Signage– included FREE of charge

Multi-Column Modifiers– unique to Future POS customers, no need to click from screen to screen-every option can be found in one modifier window