emnos Rolls out Its Retail Analytics Strategy for Non-Grocery Segments

CHICAGO & MUNICH–()–emnos, the retail analytics and shopper insights organization based in Chicago, USA and headquartered in Munich, Germany, has rolled out its strategy to offer solutions and services to non-grocery retail segments. Having successful, long-term client relationships with some of the world’s leading food and drug retailers, emnos has made the strategic decision to pursue verticals outside the grocery space that include Sporting Goods, Office Supplies, Pet, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Furniture, Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Auto parts, and Travel.

This initiative is led by a dedicated team with deep expertise in customer insights, retail analytics, data monetization, and product innovation. They will be focused on building and offering data and insights solutions that enable non-grocery retailers to seamlessly incorporate customer data into category management and planning processes. emnos will take this offering to retailers in the USA and across Europe.

“We are excited to begin offering our products and solutions to these retailers, especially our latest offering, emnosNavigator, an intelligent solution that pushes guided insights via a visual insights interface directly to key stakeholders across an organization,” said Brian Murphy, who is leading the initiative globally.

The team also plans to help retailers in these segments better use their data to efficiently and effectively optimize and balance their mass and targeted promotions. “emnos’ Balanced Promotions solutions have successfully delivered ROI for food and drug retailers, and we are confident we will repeat the same performance in the non-grocery segments as well,” said Florian Baur, CEO while announcing the new initiative.

Recently, emnos shifted focus to a solutions-focused retail insights organization and is investing heavily into the development of innovative, new solutions and enhancing their existing offerings. The expansion into non-grocery segments comes at a pivotal time as these retailers face growing challenges of e-commerce and must find new and unique ways to maintain customer loyalty, drive trips, and build baskets.

About emnos

emnos enables retailers to transform shopper data into tangible growth through its retail insights solutions focused on Category Management and Personalized Marketing. Driven by powerful analytics, years of retail insights expertise and intelligent technology, emnos’ quick-to-deploy SaaS based solutions enable retailers to best engage their customers and drive growth.

With offices in five countries, emnos works with some of the leading global retailers spread throughout Europe and the USA. emnos is part of Loyalty Partner GmbH, a subsidiary of American Express.

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