Empyr Introduces CPR: Cost-Per-Revenue O2O Performance Marketing

CPR How it works

Empyr today introduced CPR™, a cost-per-revenue marketing platform that redefines online-to-offline (O2O) performance marketing. CPR combines the power of customer rewards and card-linked technology to deliver real-time tracking that enables marketers to advertise online and pay only for in-store sales attributed to their ads.

Until now, brands with a physical location, that wanted to advertise digitally, would invest in cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) advertising. But, CPC and CPM fall short in providing true ROI, because they cannot track which clicks or impressions result in in-store sales. CPR offers a clear view of online advertising’s ROI, because marketers only pay a fee when a card-linked transaction is completed in-store. In-store sales are immediately attributed to online offers or ads as a result of Empyr’s direct integrations with all three leading credit card associations.

“The days of not knowing which of your digital advertising dollars are wasted are over,” said Jon Carder, CEO and Co-Founder, Empyr. “Marketers no longer have to wonder which of their digital ads are driving offline sales. With CPR they can track an online consumer to an in-store purchase in under a minute, and they only pay for revenue generated—that’s the ultimate form of performance marketing.”

CPR represents a tremendous breakthrough in O2O commerce, particularly considering digital’s growing influence on offline transactions. According to Deloitte Consulting, digital marketing influenced more than half (56%) of in-store retail sales in the US in 2016, representing $2.1 trillion. That’s only retail—the total O2O opportunity has been estimated at more than $3 trillion. Despite digital marketing’s proven ability to influence in-store sales, there remains a gap in tracking and reporting this performance. CPR bridges this gap, enabling advertisers to make smarter ad spending decisions.

“The Empyr CPR campaign has been one of our best performing digital marketing campaigns because of the one-hundred percent attribution of the digital marketing spend to in-store sales,” said Rob Calderin, CMO Heartland/Jiffy Lube. “We finally are buying revenue and not ads. One of the biggest challenges for advertisers today is the gap between online advertising spend and in-store sales. Empyr has truly solved this challenge with their card-linked offers platform.”

Key features of Empyr’s CPR platform include:

●    Brands are marketed via digital ads displayed across Empyr’s network of 1,500 participating websites and apps, reaching more than 100 million consumers. 
●    Revenue reporting and analysis allows advertisers to track performance in real-time, from online impressions all the way through to in-store sales. 
●    Empyr’s card-linked technology requires no software, hardware or staff involvement. A consumer simply pays with their linked card and is instantly notified of their reward. Cash back is deposited monthly in the consumer’s card-linked account. 
●    Empyr’s platform uses real-time, geo-fenced, data-driven marketing to promote brands to potential customers that are nearby.

More information about Empyr’s CPR platform is available online at https://www.empyr.com/advertiser#pay-per-sale.

About Empyr
Empyr powers online-to-offline (O2O) marketing programs for some of the world’s largest websites and apps. The company is redefining O2O performance marketing by combining the power of card-linked technology and customer loyalty in its groundbreaking CPR™ (Cost Per Revenue) platform. Empyr enables brands to advertise offers online such as 10% cash back and pay only for in-store sales. CPR takes the guesswork out of calculating advertising ROI with 100% attribution from an online ad to an in-store sale and incremental lift analysis. Direct integrations with all three leading credit card associations make it possible for online consumers to redeem offers at offline merchants such as restaurants and retail stores, in a frictionless way, simply by paying with a debit or credit card. Empyr’s growing network of partners currently includes Yelp, LivingSocial, Coupons.com, Swagbucks and over 1,500 other websites and apps.

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