EnterWorks Reinvigorates Stores by Enabling a New Digital Retail Reality


Sterling, VA – December 15, 2017 – EnterWorks, a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, plans to turn the retail experience on its head. Utilizing the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2018 as its launch, EnterWorks will demonstrate how retailers can recapture the essence of merchandising and product stories to create visual customer experiences. EnterWorks will do this by linking virtual reality to assortment planning and planogramming on the way to enabling a new augmented shopping reality for in-store customers.

“We can apply virtual, 3D reality at scale today in upgrading how merchants develop localized assortments, execute seasonal change-outs, and convey planograms or store sets,” said EnterWorks CEO Rick Chavie. “By engaging the consumer through a visual, real-time representation of products on the shelf — we are reinventing how retailers tell their brand stories in each and every store and ultimately drive customers from online to in-store.”

Chavie continues: “Many experiments in technology have generated buzz in the market, but seldom move beyond the proof of concept stage. This new technology bridge takes advantage of retailers’ existing infrastructure to produce differentiated and localized customer experiences at scale with immediate sales lift.”

EnterWorks calls the concept “Storeytelling,” or the process of bringing visual content forward for merchants to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Through a single repository of content, thanks to EnterWorks, content fuels the product information needs of merchandising, ecommerce, and store applications that need it. This can be accomplished by infusing virtual and, eventually augmented reality into these existing systems

According to Chavie, the great opportunity today is for retailers and brands to:

  • Create great customer moments by converging a store’s physical assets with online and mobile to generate a new shopping reality;
  • Empower the next generation of visual merchants through the seamless integration of augmented reality technology;
  • Leverage current technologies in end-to-end support for 3D visualization and tech such as category management, space management, and master data management for products, customers, and physical/digital assets, mobile, and ecommerce; and
  • Provide an augmented reality for a retailer’s mobile application that provides a new wayfinding approach for customers who have yet to memorize all product locations!

According to the EnterWorks team, with technologies seamlessly connected in commerce, next-gen visual merchants will combine such tech with their skills to populate online and offline stores with visual storytelling. In short, Chavie says, “They will enable experiential moments. We’re talking about those “aha” insights when consumer interest intersects with discovery across commerce and store channels, whether online only, store only, multichannel, or on-demand/click and collect customers.”

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