Epic Fail at the Point of Sale


I just experienced a majorly frustrating and disappointing interaction at my local storage business, a company I have been loyal to for over four years.  I move around a lot, and at least once a year I need to store some furniture and other belongings.  For the last four years, I have used the same local business for all my storage needs.  I’m definitely a loyal customer.

I am currently in the process of packing up my residence and storing things for the summer, and I recently went in to fill out paperwork for a large storage unit.  This was my third attempt at getting everything filled out properly and starting the process of loading the unit.  The first time, they sent me back home to look for a renters’ insurance policy I had not previously been required to show.  The second time, there was no one available to show me the possible rental units, and I was asked to come back at a different time.  The third time, there was an issue with the company’s internet service so the entire reservation system was down.  Fail, fail, fail.

What really confounds me is that on all three occasions, the front desk representative could not find my information in the computer system.  Seriously?  I have rented three different storage units from this company; why wouldn’t my info come up in the system?  Having to go through the filling out of initial paperwork and entering me into the system as if I’d never rented from them made me feel like I was not a valued customer but just someone who wondered in off the street.

On none of these aforementioned occasions were there any other customers in the office.  There are also multiple available units, leading me to believe the company is not in a position to let sales slip through the cracks.  So what gives?  

I get it – things happen.  But to have three repeated attempts at giving these people my money only to be thwarted each time makes me feel like I may be safer taking my business elsewhere.  If they can’t keep track of my contact information… can they protect my belongings?





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