Epipoli and Sagarmatha Shopper Insight Services Strengthen Relationship Marketing

Now Brands Get Better Information About Their Best Customers

Kfar Saba, Israel & Milan – July 19, 2016 – Sagarmatha, the leading 1:1 personalized marketing company, and Epipoli, a leading Italian CRM and Gift Card provider, announce a new partnership. Their joint offering combines Sagarmatha’s Apex Shopper Insight solution and the Summit Personalization Engine with Epipoli’s services to strengthen the relationships between retailers and their shoppers. The partnership lets retailers monetize their data to provide suppliers with specific shopper insights.

“We have selected Sagarmatha’s solution set thanks to its ability to completely analyze individual customer behavior down to their preferred communication channels,” said Gaetano Giannetto, Founder and CEO, Epipoli. “Since 2003, we have pioneering the monetization of retail data and today the combination of Epipoli’s services and Sagarmatha’s 1:1 shopper insight technology allows retailers and suppliers to analyze what worked, what didn’t, and where to focus marketing budgets to efficiently drive sales, profit, long-term customer loyalty and increase share of wallet”.

Epipoli has developed innovative technology and marketing solutions aimed to improve one-to-one consumer engagement and drive the organization’s strategy with better execution.

The data contained with the Apex solution, such as specific product data, spending per household and trip, and share of category and related trends allows Epipoli’s clients to benefit from a single data language across the organization, making it easier to work toward the common goal of satisfying both the customer and the bottom line.

“Retailers are sitting on thousands of data points representing individual customer behaviors,” said Chen Katz, VP of Sales at Sagarmatha. “With Sagarmatha services and Epipoli’s retailers’ and suppliers’ relationships, the Italian retail market will get more value from its existing marketing efforts and can better plan targeted, effective customer-focused campaigns.”

Sagramatha Apex and Summit complex data-mining analytics solutions combine automation with the ability to adjust parameters to calibrate, measure, optimize, and reach specific goals or test concepts, based on geography, segments, time frame, market basket, individual profitability, messaging, channel, demographics, etc. 

About Sagarmatha
Sagarmatha, founded in 1999, the personalization expert, works with retailers and brand owners to optimize their data driven marketing via a suite of science-based solutions. Offering highly automated shopper analysis, insight, and targeting solutions enables retailers and suppliers to collaboratively grow sales by linking every shopper to a 1:1 personalization strategy while measuring ongoing impact, shopper by shopper. Sagarmatha is a privately held company with headquarters in Kfar Saba, Israel. www.sag121.com

About Epipoli
Epipoli, founded in 2000, is a trusted international partner for relationship marketing solutions and advanced modelling. In 2006 Epipoli introduced the Gift Cards in Italy and today is a leading European prepaid payment network, offering 250 content partners in over 25.000 retail locations, through its brand Mygiftcard. Headquartered in Milan, Epipoli operates through subsidiaries and partners in all European countries.  www.epipoli.com – www.mygiftcard.it 

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