Revel’s User Conference 2017 – Revelry!

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Revel Systems, a leader in cloud Point of Sale held a two-day conference in San Francisco bringing together business owners, industry thought leaders, and technology experts to discuss strategies for business success along with industry trends.

Revel’s two-day conference was held at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency, featured speakers, panels, and roundtables highlighting Revel clients.  The event concluded at the San Francisco City Hall with Revel’s seventh anniversary celebration, the conference’s namesake Revelry celebration.

Opening keynote address and “state of the industry” synopsis:

In the opening keynote address, Revel executives (Bobby Marhamat COO, and Erick Kobres CTO) discussed the current and future states of the industry as it relates to the democratization of omni-commerce, kiosks, mobile ordering, and Artificial Intelligence.











Joe Waller, CEO of Pacific Gateway:


Joe Waller’s customer session emphasized the impact of ‘thinking outside the box.’ Waller says that what sets Pacific Gateway aside from others is how they empower the local community by offering locally made goods at airport retail, architecting airport retail technology for the convenience of travelers and in general, anticipating the needs of the decision makers. Pacific Gateway is a privately held company that has graduated from the Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises program

Mike Chissler, COO, Holler and Dash:

Mike discussed how fast casual is changing the restaurant landscape through value in convenience, quality, and friendly service. This value prop is driven by Gen Z and Y. He identified the need for change by spinning off Cracker Barrel to Holler and Dash. He also recognized the increasing concern consumers have over spending money eating out, driving a need for value. Mike explained how millennials are the biggest population whose consumer behaviors are far different than their predecessors. They are lifestyle oriented, tech enhanced, have a need for speed, authenticity and transparency, want healthy, handcrafted foods, and customer control (customized/self-service solutions.) Millennials can be difficult to market to because multiculturalism is the mainstream, meaning they are transitional and exploratory. Because of this, it is important for restaurants to add social value and match their lifestyles.

Doug Collister, CMO, China Live:

Doug Collister of China Live shared how social media and PR have been instrumental to their success. He encourages that for larger projects, PR agencies can be important in defining your restaurant in the local community. Collister said China Live’s biggest next step is to aggregate CRM data to better market to customers online after their in-store experience.

Restaurant Showdown shots and results:

The winner of the inaugural ‘Restaurant Showdown’ was Cinthya Cisneros, whose Napa based brewery and boozy pastries, La Cheve, won the crowd and judges. As the winner, La Cheve, has been awarded $10,000 seed money and a year of Revel technology. Cinthya Cisneros at Revelry










Predictions and trends from Revel Presenters:

  • Revel executives (Bobby Marhamat COO, and Erick Kobres CTO)  say we will start to see more serious options for AI assistants to order things for us – and for consumers to conduct commerce through messaging apps.
  • They also think we will start to see some interesting commercial use cases for augmented reality – think about a pop-up augmented reality storefront for a food truck – or an overlay of detailed information on a box in your stock area. There are a lot of useful real-world  use cases coming.
  • Another prediction is that we will see some resurgence with QR Codes since Apple just added QR Code recognition as a native feature in iOS 11.



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