Fashion Meets Barcode Technology with LXE’s latest Bluetooth Scanner

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

People around the world were in awe with the internet when they learned what it brought to their lives. They were even more amazed with what they could do with mobile technology. Now, thanks to Bluetooth technology, consumers worldwide have something new to feast their eyes on (or shall I say their hands). LXE is introducing the next in hands-free technology with the 8650, a wearable Bluetooth ring scanner.


“The ring scanner rests comfortably on the finger and is operated by thumb pressure on this trigger.” It is small and extremely light weight, weighing at approximately 4.8 ounces. The device is constructed out of magnesium so it can handle water splash, snags or drops. And, because the scanner’s weight comes from the scanner’s arm, the scanner will not interfere with daily activities and will read scans without hesitation.

The Bluetooth module is worn on the back of the hand or wrist, leaving your hand feeling light and free. The module is attached by a Velcro strap and can transmit data from up to 30 feet away. It is also compatible with any Bluetooth item on the market today and has a 24 hour battery life. The Bluetooth ring scanner can be used for all automatic data capture needs including point-of-sale or point of delivery. As a matter of fact, the ring is useful with any traditional barcode scanners.

As implied before, the scanner is incredibly sturdy in construction and design. It contains thick cables to withstand snags and pulls from warehouse use that can be easily damaged by thinner cables. The exterior housing is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and can also handle drops on concrete from up to four feet.

The LXE ring scanner is available in two scanner options: 1D or 2D. The 2D Barcode is ideal for many industries such as pharmaceutical. This state-of-the-art scanner can handle approximately 17,000 scans with a single charge and can link to a mobile computer within seconds [because of the barcode].

Major corporations and small businesses find this technologically advanced item worthy of their time. The item eliminates the need to train operators, or at least cuts the time to train new members substantially. The LXE Bluetooth ring scanner is light weight and easy to handle. It is the next best thing in wireless data capturing devices.


Visit the official website to learn more about the LXE Bluetooth ring scanner:


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