Faster and Easier Age ID Verification For Bars and Restaurants

Will Offer Intellicheck’s Industry Leading ID Authentication Technology Solution

JERICHO, NEW YORK– February 28, 2017 — Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (NYSE MKT:IDN), an industry leader in delivering real-time threat identification and bar-coded credential identification authentication that provides the “antivirus” to the epidemic of counterfeit IDs, today announced the signing of a reseller agreement with Alcohol Industry Associates, a full service licensing, compliance and training company for the alcoholic beverage industry. The reseller agreement will enable Alcohol Industry Associates to rapidly deliver Intellicheck’s industry leading Age ID® technology solution to clients that range from convenience stores, taverns and restaurants to breweries, distilleries and wholesalers nationwide. The agreement means the company will be providing customers with Intellicheck’s state-of-the-art technology solution that is a vital compliance resource in preventing the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.

“We are pleased to add Alcohol Industry Associates to our team of valued channel partners. These veteran former industry regulatory officials recognize that Age ID is the industry standout, delivering advanced capabilities that include real-time identification authentication for government issued identification credentials such as driver licenses. Our product prevents the sale of age-restricted products to minors, and also sharply reduces fraudulent sales. As our technology solutions serve an ever growing number of state ABC boards, businesses and communities by providing the critical tools they need to tackle the challenges of underage drinking, we continue to deliver on our commitment to our shareholders to partner with outstanding channel partners who contribute to our success in achieving market expansion and growth,” said Intellicheck CEO Dr. William Roof.

Alcohol Industry Associates President Kevin Anderson said the agreement with Intellicheck fulfills their ongoing pledge to their clients. “We have used other ID scanning systems in the past, but we could not stand behind those products as we can with Intellicheck’s Age ID. We found other ID scanning systems came back with validations for various fake IDs. Age ID catches the fake IDs that other systems couldn’t. The prevalence and sophistication of fake IDs means businesses need to protect themselves more than

ever before, which is why we chose Age ID. This agreement with Intellicheck validates what we have done and continue to do to assure our clients have the services they need and can be confident that they will be compliant with local, state and federal level requirements.”

Intellicheck’s Age ID is an effective, affordable technology solution that reads the barcode data encoded on driver licenses and government issued IDs, providing real time ID authentication and age verification. Fake IDs are instantly identified and warnings simply displayed to the user. Easily and quickly deployed and operated, Age ID is available as an app for mobile devices, tablets or can be integrated with point-of- sale systems. It draws on a comprehensive database, updated on an ongoing basis, to ensure information is timely and accurate. Age ID provides the most up-to-date solution to the problem of spotting fake and altered IDs with its ability to read more than 250 unique DMV barcode formats from every U.S. state, Canadian provinces and Mexican states.

Intellicheck Mobilisa is an industry leader in technology solutions that are the “antivirus” to the epidemic of counterfeit IDs providing virtual instant threat identification and identity credential authentication. Constantly evaluating fake barcodes, the Company builds and releases new software code to defeat new threats as they evolve. Intellicheck’s technology solutions equip customers in retail, hospitality, law enforcement, national defense, and financial markets with enhanced tools to protect their customers, businesses, facilities and people and improve operational efficiency and services. Intellicheck holds 25 patents including many pertaining to identification technology. The Company’s products read, authenticate and break down components of identity documents, including driver licenses, military identification cards and other government forms of identification containing magnetic stripe, barcode and smart chip information.

About Intellicheck Mobilisa

Intellicheck Mobilisa is the industry leader in technology solutions that are the “antivirus” to the epidemic of counterfeit IDs providing virtual instant threat identification and identity credentials authentication. Our technology solutions make it possible for our customers to enhance the safety and awareness of their facilities and people, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies. Founded in 1994, Intellicheck has grown to serve dozens of Fortune 500 companies including retail and financial industry clients, police departments, national defense clients at agencies, major seaports, and military bases, and diverse state and federal government agencies. The Company holds 25 patents including many patents pertaining to identification technology. For more information on Intellicheck Mobilisa, please visit

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