FIME’s Acquirer Test Tool First to Achieve EMVCo Level 3 Qualification

February 06, 2018 – FIME’s Savvi test tool is the first to achieve EMVCo qualification for a Level 3 Card Simulator. Savvi, used to test the connection between payment terminals and network systems, already supported EMV® L3 testing in-line with the guidelines of individual payment systems. This latest qualification accommodates the most recent efforts of EMVCo to align, streamline and standardize this testing process across multiple payment brands.

EMVCo’s L3 testing processes aim to combine the technical achievements of each payment scheme’s specific testing requirements and simplify the complexities acquirers face in achieving terminal integration certification across all brands. The standard for the L3 Card Simulator tool component is the first milestone of this project. As the first test tool to receive this qualification, Savvi is enabling acquirers globally to benefit from automated testing and enhanced operational efficiency.  

“Savvi gives the acquiring community a single, simple and automated testing solution. As specifications evolve so do our tools, so that our customers are always right up to date,” comments Raphaël Guilley, Vice President at FIME. “This world-first qualification is a testament to this commitment. This new EMVCo Level 3 test tool process simplifies each payment brand certification process, speeding up test projects and minimizing unwanted delays during formal certification.”

FIME is an industry-recognized EMV implementation partner. In addition to the Savvi Test Platform, FIME’s experts offer a complete project test service, technical consulting for payment system requirements and terminal-integration training for developers and testers. Find out more.

About FIME

FIME offers comprehensive consulting services, technical training, technology design, test tools and certification testing across the financial services, transport and identity sectors. Its experts support projects from start to finish, resolving the technical challenges its customers face when implementing a complete portfolio of specifications, standards and multi-brand industry requirements.

FIME speaks the language of its customers and uses its 20+ years of experience to ensure that card and mobile transactions services are implemented efficiently and successfully. It supports a range of technologies including contact, contactless, EMV chip, near field communication (NFC), host card emulation (HCE), tokenization, secure element (SE), machine to machine (M2M), internet of things (IoT) and trusted execution environment (TEE).

Partnering with the international and national payment schemes, and industry bodies, FIME ensures its multi-brand offering is always aligned with the latest market requirements.